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Actually, 81 was my best score on that particular course, I shot in the high seventies every now and then, and 74 was my previous record. but it is attainable! keep working on your game, i know I have to keep working on mine to sniff a round like this again
Thanks everyone     Haha!, No, I think I'll keep it... It's still uncommon for me to break 80.   I also had three birdies (ties my personal best), 11 fairways, 11 GIR, 28 putts and 2/3 sand saves; all of those stats, I'm pretty sure are personal records :-).   I was driving the ball pretty well, not too long but always in a playable position. But i think the biggest difference was my putter, which was lights out! I was getting gimmies even from 60 feet. The only putt I...
I had a great round today, three bogies and three birdies for a 72. This is the first time I hit in the seventies in this course (my previous best round here was an 81). My game looks like its coming together, a few weeks ago I shoot 74 and now this... I'm happy! Of course, at least until the next time I play and hit a 92
Enjoy the game (stop throwing clubs) Go back to walking the course regularly Hit consistently in the mid seventies
Hahaha!!! Excellent thread! Topper, there's a place on TV for you (between 3 and 5 AM); Elvis, relax!
Thanks, I assumed those were this years statistics    
I was surfing the web, an came to this page: http://www.pgatour.com/2011/fedexcup/08/19/guidebook-statisticalleaders/index.html   According to those statistics, TW is playing a well above average golf. He is in the top five of 11 of 20 categories, and leads 4 of them. How can he be as bad as everybody seems to think then? Is he that awful in the other categories?
No necessarily in order:   Woods: Titleist (best feel), TaylorMade, Adams Hybrids: Adams, Mizuno, Titleist Irons: Mizuno, Titleist, ... I bet Scratch, Miura, Epon, etc make great irons, but I have never used them, they look neat though! Wedges: Scratch, Mizuno, Titleist Putters: Titleist (Scotty Cameron), Ping, ... I can't think on another one I like
Hi Jeff, I just found this thread, and the feedback is impressive. Do you still have any deals for us? Thanks, and I will be placing my order soon!
+1. I miss the formatting options in the old editor (text size and color); is it possible to have it back, maybe with a few fonts to select from?    In regards to the lists, it can be a good thing, but it can become messy quite easily. For example, I tried to add my MP-57 to my bag, and those clubs are listed as "Mizuno MP-57 with ProjectX 5.5", which is not my shaft, so now I have to add a new item for the same club.   What about defining some ground rules? Like, for...
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