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I am a little scared to weaken my grip any further (I have a neutral grip now)....when I was working with my coach to get rid of my slice I had a very strong grip. We worked together until he got my swing put together with a "Hogan-ess" swing plane and grip and it has been working wonderful for me except my fear of changing anything to accomplish a different ball path.
Thanks Everyone for those suggestions....once it stops all this raining I will give it a try!!
I know i have a problem a many of golfers would love to have but...   I have been working my but off for many a years to get rid of my slice....so a couple of years ago I cured my problem. Now I have nothing but a persistent hook; not a bad one...maybe 10 yards on a 230 yard drive. Now I am so used to swinging inside out that I can't get a fade. I am so scared to adjust my swing in that my slice will come back and it would no longer leave me. I can adjust my driver...
I think thats what I like the most    
Yep...and you dont hear those kind of things in the public.   Nice post Dr.    
Stewart has always been my favorite golfer for many reasons; he played at Georgia Tech where my grades wasn't good enough to get into and I had to go into another engineering school, he is a fellow Georgian, he shares the same faith that I do and I believe him to be an all-around good family man, citizen, and supports his community etc....without no need for recognition.    Anyway last week after hearing about something he did in the community I thought I would write...
Love seeing all those old clubs 
Oh my...lol...thats funny  
I thought this was hilarious:   http://www.wabi.tv/news/21939/thief-targets-golfers-while-they-are-on-the-course
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