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I would agree that these TM TPMB's are flat out sexy. I love the look and the preformance; I thought the preformance was just as good as the asthetics, if not better. I also agree that TM hasn't had a good look'n iron since the RAC's. I thought the R series were just down wright ugly. Being a Mizuno fan I compare every iron I hit to Mizuno MP series and the feel of the TM TPMB's were almost as buttery as Mizuno, I was impressed.   I've found a old set of COIN forged...
LOL, I'm not missing out on anything. Kids are great as long as they are someone else's and frankly I feel bad enough about the world we are leaving them, but those are just my feelings.      
Play more than you practice and when you do practice spend 2/3rd's of the time on the the short game, well IMO.
Having been raised in the 50 & 60's and coming to age in 1970 it is very sad to see what has happened. Way back then it seemed we had a very bright future, that our politicians have sold off. I love it when they say, "I don't want to morgage out my kids future"; lol, hell they are working on morgaging your grandchildrens future. I'm glad I don't have a dog in the fight. Oh, and I do agree with the OP.
LOL, I knew there was a good reason I never wanted kids.
I agree. I learned this lesson back when I used to ski race; we found that one season of racing was pretty much equivalent to 2 or 3 seasons of regular skiing.  
I'm not a hybrid fan, but have hit some. I thought the Niki hybrids were very nice from last year. I don't think that they have changed much.
I carrry a 18* 2i Bridgestone Air Muscle and I love that club. Sometimes I'll put in my niki vr cb 2i into the bag just cuz. I love long irons and think one of the best feelings in golf is a pure long iron.
You can use anything you want to make the ball. If I have a long putt I'll make my ball with a tee so I can see where it is when I look at the putt from behind the hole. Most of the time I use a poker chip b/c I can see where it is easally. I like very visible ball markers cuz I play for money a lot and walking on someones line b/c I couldn't see their mark can ruin a round very fast.
There isn't that much difference in heads now days. They can't exceed a CORE of 0.83 or get any bigger than 460 cc's. The big difference comes in the shaft. This is where it is important to find out what degree driver loft and flex of shaft work best for YOUR swing. A launch monitor with a KNOWLEDGABLE tech would be very illuminating for you, oh btw that would not be Dick's, GG or GS cuz from what I've seen, they don't know much.   Now I see you are hitting your...
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