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Well I don't know but if your 3 wood is a 13 degree(3+3) that would explain so much roll there or a high kick shaft of course. For you driver if all you want is more roll you could flatten your swing a little, and play a stronger grip. Doing this will cause you to hit a draw and obviously it will roll out more.
Hey I had the same problem with "jumping at the ball". Well what helped me was just widening my stance, and making sure every time I line up my weight is on the insides of my feet. For whatever reason with the weight on the inside I stopped jumping. Hope that helps and good luck
I know I couldn't hit my hybrid to save my life for a little while when I first got it. It just took some getting used to, and a lot of hitting on the range. I don't use it anymore but I have room for one more club so I think I'm going back.
I tried the s9-1 on the range the other day. I can't compare it to the D2 or D3 because I have never hit either of those. The s9 felt great. It had an x-stiff shaft which was too much for me, but I really liked the feel of the head. I think it's meant for a low handicapper with a fast clubhead speed. It's very easy to work (draw/fade), but also seemed easy for me to slice.
hahahahaha Nice!!! I can't handle the 10 pound driver but I use "the beast" momentus driver ha.
I just started reading the book yesterday, so I'm barely on page 82, but so far so good. Parent puts in these little scenario's for example that you need to "empty your cup". If a cup(or mind) is full no tea(or info) can get in. This definetly helps when people are giving advice. Well I would recommend the audio book version because I don't like to read, but this sounds like it could help I'll keep you guys updated as I get further in the book.
John Daly. John Daly. John Daly. It doesn't bother him one bit. No offense Mr. Daly, but he obviously is the trimmest guy on tour. Just my .02
My workout plan is very simple, but I supposedly have a "high metabolism" so I don't really have any fat or anything to turn into muscle. I do as many sit ups as i can until it burns bad. I do that three sets every morning. I do 5 sets up 30 push ups. But I think my number one workout is my Momentus driver. I bought the 350 "the beast" weighted driver. If nothing else I swing this club everyday. I have gained a few yards, but mostly control.
I guess I'm just plain dumb, but I see very little difference between the two. Plus in my opinion the back swing is not 100 percent important(i.e. Furyk). I think all people should focus on is contact. But I am curious on what the difference is so please fill me in somebody.
The simplest thing for me to remember is when I wear a glove(i don't know if you do) on my left hand(i'm right handed) at impact the nike sign should be facing the target. If it points up, then there is your high shot/ slice. Hope this helps, and good luck with it.
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