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I went with at 3.0 last year and I love it. 
I have played both and find the Q-Star holds the green a "little" better than the e6 but that is not saying much.  They both are about the same distance and both lack spin.  Not impressed with either one.  
Just took out the 3 & 5 and went with a 4 wood. So far I am very happy.
Two shots.
I am Roman Catholic
I have been testing clubs at the local golf store and ... the winner is....... (drum roll).... the Ping i15. I plan on ordering them as soon as I prepair "the boss" for my new purchase. I may have to take her out to dinner a few times to soften her up a little.
Any more votes or suggestions? Thanks
I appreciate all of your opinions. Maybe I should explain a little about why I am looking to switch and my swing. My name is CrazyGolfNut… and… I…am a hooker. I am a consistent ball striker but am short and straight with a tendency to turn a small baby draw (which I like) into big hooks. I pick the ball with little or no divot. After spending time with two professional fitters and a teaching pro, they all came to conclusion that the large offset and wide soles of...
I must admit that I am still confused. Has anyone hit the a7 5 iron?
Never thought of trying the MP series but will give them a try.
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