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Don't think we've had this belle madam so far - Melissa Theuriau, French newscaster:        
Replaced the missing bit the NY Times author left out...
Hmm. I'm afraid I have to disagree. So, the man with the small dick (I'm assuming this fact based upon what he's just done) goes to the country ruled by the despot to shoot big game (a tourist attraction FFS) that's endangered, not for food or anything else even remotely justifiable, but just so he can get off in whatever small-minded and childish fashion he somehow justifies to himself. I guess the technical legality of what he's done will come out in the end but done...
Huh? Source: http://news.yahoo.com/american-dentist-killed-zimbabwe-famous-lion-192723625.html?utm_campaign=website&utm_source=sendgrid.com&utm_medium=email The man's patently an arsehole. Additionally, he already apparently has a record for illegally killing a black bear in '06. What a spineless and moronic individual.
That would be about the right result I think.
I went for worse - slightly. Handicap says so, so I can't deny it. That said, the difference seems to be a number of brain farts this year resulting in stupid scores on one or two holes. Annoying!
Hmmm. Not sure if we've had this lassie before. Don't think so. Esti Ginzburg:    
Actually, you are - you're suggesting his behaviour is fake. You don't need to be paranoid either. You posted an opinion. Others posted theirs in contradiction to yours. You don't have to have a comeback if you don't want.For the record, I think your depiction of Spieth is OTT and not that realistic really. Sure, he's old enough to do and think for himself but it's entirely logical that he'd ask for, and listen to, advice from his parents - why wouldn't that be normal...
No, I'm not saying that at all. You miss the point about the 2-putt. I was simply trying to use it to point out just how close he was to holding all 3 of this year's Majors played so far. Just because you can't see a pure GS being achieved isn't a strong point is it? I'm pretty sure you would have said, before Woods arrived on the scene with such a bang, that simply holding all 4 at one time was also impossible.....and yet he did it.
That is precisely why it holds such an amazing cachet. Why shouldn't there be such a lofty goal? Simply because you want to say you've witnessed the era in which it was achieved? As far as anyone ever doing it, never say never and all that but I'm afraid TW can't tick this box off on his impressive CV.Spieth was a gnat's chuff (i.e. very close) away from holding the first 3 Majors of 2015. OK, he would still have had to win the PGA but I'm sure I wouldn't have been the...
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