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Went with 5+ years. Generally, that's the case if I have one I get on with. Experimented a bit over the last few years, so not strictly true but now I have one I really like, I don't think I'll be changing for some while. Also, I don't think there's a great deal the OEMs can do to improve the current driver tech, despite the advertising blurb. I could see myself maybe changing a shaft (would need a lot of convincing over the current one though) but that would be it. Can't...
    Ball forward of centre? Really? What iron was used in this shot?Weak grip? Really? Re. the last point that @Phil McGleno makes, out of interest, how is that helping trajectory? To be clear, I'm not trying to be contrary with this one; I'm curious to know the cause and effect there.
Katarina Johnson-Thompson (British heptathlete):         In the news a bit at the moment - Dakota Johnson:         Hayden Panettiere:    
And so? Are you agreeing with my thesis or not? I can't tell from what you've posted! A ball position too far back is going to give, assuming a club-face square to target at impact, a lot (too much?) draw and a lower than 'typical' trajectory. Failing to square face to target line is going to give the push described.
Despite my (irrational?) dislike of the persona that is Woods, there's no evidence that he's used PEDs.......is there?? OK, he bulked quite a bit at one point but nothing that wouldn't tally with simple gym use.   Just out of interest, why did the OP pose this question? Is there something out there on this topic other than the long-standing and completely unsubstantiated suggestions??
An interesting(?) study just out this week: http://www.thelancet.com/pb/assets/raw/Lancet/pdfs/14TLP0454_Di%20Forti.pdf  It will be interesting to follow the stats over the years in Uruguay and U.S. states that elect to legalise cannabis. I can hear the drooling of the lawyers from here.
What's the iron used in the video clip? Doesn't look that short to me. I'm going for a simple thing first up. I'd try an adjustment of ball position as the first thing - move it nearer front foot. The ball at setup is nearer rear foot than front foot - path at impact is too much from inside as a result, which means if he gets the club square to target he's going to get decent (too much?) draw, if he doesn't square it to target, he gets a straight push and he's also...
Hard to tell. Backswing looks odd but doesn't seem too bad at the top (however he got there). Posture a bit head-up-and-arse-out - needs to relax a bit and be a bit more rounded. Most important thing - weight transfer/hip slide/whatever on downswing. He needs to stay down on it as well - seems to be pulling up and out through impact. Suspect that last would go if he was more weight forward through impact. How? Not sure what the best drills are. Half 7-irons with weight...
That takes me back aways. Thanks for the Airplane reminders - forgot how many good moments were in that film.
On balance, I think they need to get on top of technology. The OEMs are only interested in making money - they have no interest, in the shortish term, in maintaining the game.   The ball has been/is a problem but is the ball tech, in terms of distance, maxxed out now? Could dial the ball back a little but there's only so much that can be done to improve distance this way as there's already regulations governing initial velocity etc.   What concerns me a lot more is the...
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