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 Spot on.  Really? You think it's a good idea to lower oneself to the same level in that way??? I understand why you might think that way, but in no sensible way is it 'fair game'.
Eh? It's a members club - of course they have to put it to the vote. As for the anagram etc, I think you're taking that stance a little bit far don't you?
Hmm. Some nice recent additions. On a Doctor Who theme, how about Jenna Louise Coleman:     Or Karen Gillan:       Or Estella Warren (was watching Plant of the Apes...):  
I ended up as most like Eldrick???? OK, I need a drink...
Hmmm. So we let the body's natural reaction to insult go unchecked because otherwise we'll do some damage? Perhaps, therefore, people should leave well alone when someone has a galloping, systemic infection? Let their rising body temperature, literally, cook their brain and the body's defenses will obviously deal with the bug causing it? That must be the problem in West Africa just now - people are interfering with the body's natural reaction to an insult.   Seriously,...
Humaima Malik, Pakistani actress/model:      
It's a bit of a shame that someone with such a unique talent and take on shotmaking is such a pillock. Oh well...
Hit a lot of practice balls? Tendonitis?
I didn't mean the word 'policy' to mean an official Government policy of any sort. The principle that it's OK to chuck crap into the environment because it'll all work out fine in the wash is pretty daft. Period.I totally understand that this sort of thing is low on most people's priority lists however.
Bravo. Anything else is the policy of fools, anthropomorphic climate change or not.
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