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Amazing. 46 pages and counting. Would have thought a single response to the OP (i.e. "Yes!") would have been the end of it....
Renee Olstead:           Amy Adams:      
Michelle Rodriguez:  
Interesting thread. I've shortened mine at the back end of this season as have always had a tendency to overswing. Usually got away with it but ball-striking was bad mid-season and shortening it was a revelation. Not sure if it's much more accurate generally now (driving much better though) but ball-striking is leagues better with great divots and distance with irons is at least one club longer than it was earlier in the year. Seriously looking forward to the new season.
Hysterical. Monty as self-publicising and ridiculous as ever. Good player in his time but got some serious woodwork on both of his shoulders.
~25' birdie putt on 18 in the final of our club's Singles Matchplay KO competition. Must make putt and it fell deadweight into the hole. Name on Honours board!
Some interesting comment from Mike Dobbyn, particularly around 4' 20" where he suggests a bare shaft as part of a good warm up routine:  
Have we had any Kate Hudson? If not, here we go:      
Preferred Lennon but they were really a team. I don't think much that came out of the Beatles was a solo effort by any of them. Some awesome music from the four of them.
Hey there! Didn't know Woods himself had a pseudonym here...Something doesn't have to be funny, in actual fact, for the target to laugh at it....
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