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Anyone can trick up a course in order to make it stupidly penal. If the R&A wanted to do likewise, it'd be very easy but make for somewhat duller Opens I would imagine.
Interesting. Went for Rory at AGNC before TW wins another of the big 4. TW has 4 chances per year vs. Rory's one at AGNC but I'm with those who think TW is essentially on a downward spiral. Was amazed he shot 69 in the 1st round at Hoylake but his game after that was pretty awful, even accounting for the fact he's been off the competitive radar for some time. Next 12 months will tell, as TW keeps telling us he's free of pain post-op so no excuses now.  Fixed that for you .
You think? Ronaldo maybe but Neymar and Messi have been just as influential. I know you're biased(!) but I can't stand Robben - a talented, gifted player but one of the worst cheats I can think of at the moment.
Sorry. First time I've seen them or heard about them...
I tried some older Cleveland hybrids, some Mizuno, some Cobra and some Ping. Didn't like the look of some of them at address (I like a 'classical' look insofar as I can get one) and one or two I simply hit wayyyyy left although struck OK (shaft issues? too much offset?).I like long irons but after trialling the 19° 910h, it was a no brainer. Unbelievably easy to hit and I can hit a draw (my natural shape) or a fade, as required. Still keep the long irons for practice but...
FWIW, I'm a recent convert to hybrids and I'd unreservedly recommend the Titleist 910h. Criminally easy to hit - they should be banned. Not the cheapest but seriously good.
FWIW, I'd hazard that the miniscule effect on flex/swingweight is outweighed by the fact that 1.5" less length is giving you more control and a better smash factor. Better control, better impact - all good.
Ha. Interesting thought. I hope the players involved are making enough to retire on!
Wow! 7-0. Great finish.
I wonder what the record margin is for a World Cup victory? Thing is, the German players don't seem to do anything extravagant individually but they all do everything very, very well and they are the definition of a team. When one of them has the ball, so many are looking for space to take a pass. The running off the ball is so intelligent as well. It's not rocket science but they make it look effortless.
New Posts  All Forums: