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  Ginger beer == ginger ale. Same thing, at least over here.  I know what you mean but I don't find it that 'burnt'. More of a molasses kind of hit for me. As a matter of fact, have a rather large shot of it by my side again tonight!
 Almost by definition, if his driving sucks, his swing can't be as good as you're assuming it is. He clearly has issues with his driver in general. Personally, I think if he stopped trying to hit the ball into next week and reigned it back slightly he'd probably strike it more consistently and, probably, straighter. Not sure it matters if he's back of players like Dustin Johnson off the tee really as one thing he did so well in his pomp was to be pretty much untouchable on...
Yup. Currently (it's wet) I have a 5-wood in the bag just now but I carry a 2-iron (see signature; use it maybe half a dozen times per round) maybe for 2/3 of the year. Don't have a problem hitting it really as grew up with long irons. Long, straight and workable. I don't like most of the hybrids I've ever tried either.   Different folks, different strokes and all that.
 Nice. Got a half bottle, still in a cupboard somewhere. Ardbeg (of any type) is a top dram.  Oh yes! A beautiful part of the world and some excellent whisky. Need to get some more of this 10-y/o as it's really, really good.  Anyway, tonight I'm mostly drinking some really dark, Guyanan Demerara rum. Straight up, although would work really, really well with ginger ale and some lime as a (Dark & Stormy) long drink. 
  Some French but not really good enough any more. Learning British Sign Language - does that count? Ran away from languages as a kid as soon as I could (wanted to spend more time on science) but wish I'd learnt more. Would like to pick some up now but never seem to find the time to do it.
 Yeah, I guess I knew what you meant. By the same token, my implication re. there being other more important things to talk about is that this doesn't even amount to the proverbial storm in a tea cup and is another, increasingly frequent, example of people getting hot under the collar about nothing. FWIW, I don't think I ever said his comments were fine; I just think the reaction to them is way OTT.  You're extrapolating a bit far there I think.
Of course. A possible consequence of shooting one's mouth off when perhaps a bit more thought would have been beneficial...
So you're suggesting he shouldn't be "allowed" to make such comments? He can say pretty much what he likes although he has to accept the consequences - I imagine he's aware of this and chooses to make these remarks anyway. Pretty sure Michael Sam can speak for himself - he might actually find that comment amusing. Who knows?Don't get me wrong, I think that sort of comment is potentially insensitive and doesn't do Elkington any favours but I don't think those comments...
A fair point, eloquently stated and I have no problem with the point you're making. Personally though, I'm getting bored stupid with the headlines surrounding this sort of thing. Whooppee! Michael Sam is gay. Maybe I'm surprised that this sort of announcement should be considered as news? I don't think Elkington's analogy is "bullshit" if he feels the same way. Maybe he just hankers for a World that doesn't see news or anything unusual in this sort of announcement?
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