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Left? Right? Does it matter? A spade is still a spade.
Leaving aside the fact that, classically, having been an arse, it sounds like he's trying to re-cast what he actually said, it seems to me there are therefore two possibilities: 1) The Donald meant what he said that Mexicans are the slime of the Earth, or2) He didn't mean it that way at all but simply said something absurdly stupid in a long line of Earth-shatteringly stupid remarks and yet people are seriously considering this man as taking a primary role in your own...
@iacas I get that. Would be a bit disappointed if this was an extreme toe strike and hook into left rough - the clubhead image seemed a bit obvious. Maybe not - doh.
Fairway. Starting right side, decent draw. Everything (to me) at that position looks decent and he's definitely not casting OTT. Hitting from the inside etc would suggest a nice draw to me. The oddity is the apparent clubface position, which looks waaayyyyyy right. Going to hope that's simply an oddity! Given he's a decent player, I don't think he's likely to be doing anything really hideous or be hitting the ball way out on the toe.
I don't think so; not with the 910s. Pretty sure he used the 910 D2.  To the OP (and don't take this personally). Could it be that these D2-using pros have optimum swing characteristics giving a slight +ve AoA at impact, therefore benefiting somewhat from the added spin characteristics of a D2 cf. a D3? In your case, could it be that you have a somewhat -ve AoA at impact and the added spin that gives to the D2 launch characteristics mean that, in your case, the D3 fits you...
Ummmm, this???
  This is a guy who turned himself in. OK, sure there may be paperwork but why allow him to compete in the meantime - it's for sure that Stallings was in no position to complain. What due diligence? He turned himself in - surely it can't take 4-5 months to come to a decision? I don't have a problem with Stallings here but doesn't it seem a little bit dumb what the PGA Tour have done in response? Fair point re. my "dopers" remark - agreed it's a bit harsh.
If the ferrules were flush on the hosels, it still wouldn't stop water getting under them anyway. Shaft tips shouldn't have been abraded right down to the steel nor high enough up the tip such that epoxy doesn't cover the abrasion. Heads should have plenty of epoxy stopping water getting to tip and up inside shaft. Wouldn't worry about it.
Hmmm. Why is it that Stallings self-reports in Feb 2015, but is only suspended in July 2015? Why was he allowed to play (and presumably take money off non-dopers) for ~4 months? It may be good of Stallings to do a mea culpa here but what were the PGA Tour doing for ~4 months?
Avoid the pot bunkers.Driving/distance will be important as some of the par 4s are drivable for people like DJ (and par 5s easily reachable in 2) and short irons in to greens will be a big advantage. If DJ drives it as he did at CB, I'll be amazed if he isn't a factor as all he'll be doing is flicking wedges into greens.Putting? Not so sure. Greens should be a good pace but there's not that many big slopes and though they're big surfaces, they'll putt a damned sight better...
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