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Used to have a bit of a thing for Suzi Perry. Used to commentate/be an expert pundit on motorcycle racing and now anchors the BBC's F1:    
Holy c**p! Still, EPL salaries are significant as are those at the top clubs in Italy, Spain, France and Germany. With the exception of English players (which is another story), many soccer players travel around the World a lot. If they want the money and are good enough, it could be done. Not a bad lifestyle but I can see why it's difficult to get decent soccer players to stick with it, especially if they're exceptional all-round athletes.
I fear you may be right but what sort of contracts can the best NFL, NBA etc players expect? I know it's only a small number of players but, at the top level in soccer now, contracts in excess of £150,000 per week (~$260,000 per week at current rates) are now not that unsual. Wayne Rooney (not that I think he's worth it!) is thought to be on £300,000 per week on his current contract and that doesn't include any add-ons. At least, that's the sort of money in the English...
The referee(s) have a big part to play with this and I think he did well last night. Let the game flow and didn't have any time for minor issues or faking. Once players know the play acting won't work, they soon get on with playing the game.If the game was more honest at the top (I give you Sepp Blatter etc as examples - what leadership!) they might be stronger about introducing measures to cut out the cheating...or "simulation" (talk about weasel words, they can't even...
Yeah. That's a bit of a downer isn't it? Think I read somewhere that the country is a lot better than when Escobar was murdered. They've been playing excellent football to-date though. We'll know more after they've face Brazil on Friday.
Definitely no dominant side. After the first games, Holland and Germany made me sit up with the scores against Spain and Portugal. Germany haven't looked that good since with their wobbly defense. Holland still look pretty good but not as good. Who's going to win? Who knows but it's been a good tournament so far!   Think Belgium actually started to look a little like the strong dark horses people have mentioned. Excellent players from back to front. U.S. threw a lot at...
What a game. Fantastic effort from U.S. and not a little skill. A lot to take forward.
Oooooo!!! So close. Thought he'd scored.
Great ball. Great run. Nice finish. Game on again....
Get in!!!!!!
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