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If his body holds up and if he can hit a driver that has half a chance of being in the right fairway when he needs to, I think he might win a regular event somewhere. Majors? Not the first year back. Wouldn't be at all surprised if he wins chuff all.
See below. Not sure how they'd come to such a conclusion at JFK simply based on someone vomiting. Must have been something else to lead them to conclude it wasn't ebola.   Ha! Very good but sadly I think there are some who actually do believe this.
Not sure about this as it's a zoonotic (i.e. crossed species boundary) infection. In its natural host I'm sure it does as you suggest - in us, it basically just goes crazy. Unlikely it evolved with us as part of the equation although that's not to suggest that something funky won't/doesn't happen when it gets into a human pool for a bit. Who really knows though? It's that bad that not enough people have studied it.
Current outbreak is about 70% mortality although I'm sure that would drop in any country with a good health service.
Er, no. If you're in contact with infected saliva, blood etc from an ebola carrier, all you need is ~10 virions to contract the disease. Why do you think it's currently spreading like a wildfire in western Africa? HIV took decades to go as far as ebola has gone in the last few months.As for the last sentence there, what I think you mean is that, of those scores in contact with Duncan, no-one is known to have contracted it yet. Hopefully, this is all just more unnecessary...
Maybe. 20:20 hindsight and all that. How was he initially processed? Was ebola even a consideration at that point in that hospital? What's certain, is that people better be awake to the potential of this virus now. It's sort of laughable but this could easily turn into Steven King's "The Stand", although maybe without the supernatural bits and bobs. I liked that book too...
Of course there was 'panic' over bird and swine flu. It's no joke. I'd rather some sensationalism re. these bugs than lazy naivety and the assumption "it'll be alright". Remind me how many died from the Spanish flu post-WWI... And do what? Quarantine themselves? They won't know they're infectious until probably too late. Did you read the pathogen data sheet I linked earlier? Ebola isn't only seriously deadly, it's very infectious, albeit the routes of transmission could be...
I seriously hope it doesn't become an issue in the U.S. neck of the woods. It's a hazard group 4 organism (U.K. definition) which basically means it's very lethal and there's no known effective treatment. Past outbreaks have had ~90% mortality (although I think this one's nearer 70%) and I don't imagine it's a nice way to go. Haemorrhagic fever. Seriously nasty. About the only good thing is it's not infectious via typical airborne routes as influenza is. Given the...
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