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Game over. Lukaku has made the difference since he came on. Pity - lot to admire about U.S. team.
Ahh. Shame. Not over yet though.
Heh. I'm drinking for you. It's OK.
No. He was a good yard or 2 onside. Should have hit target but keeper made it difficult and looked like he tried to do too much with it.
Got to be some tired players out there. Brilliant commitment from U.S. 30 mins extra...win it on penalties. Easy!
Fantastic 0-0 at 90 mins...
As I said, I have little problem with "grindER". It was "grindED" (which as I understand it, Wie used) that I thought was a little odd.Enough of these semantics anyway. Hopefully, her golf will go from strength to strength now she's genuinely made a big breakthrough.
Although saying something was "a grind" has long been in common use. You're right of course about new words coming along all the time but I'm not sure what "grinded" adds when we already have "ground". I'm being a pedant I know - I wasn't that serious and it was obvious what Wie was saying, so job done re. the communication side.
Quote:Maybe a hockey-style short- and long-corner? Foul within 6-yard box - short corner equivalent, foul within 18-yard box but outside 6-yard, long corner equivalent? Two penalty spots, one at 12 and the other at 18 yards? On the subject of diving (or "flopping" as I'm led to believe it is on the other side of the Pond), I do so wish they'd simply introduce retrospective video evidence. Wouldn't stop the actual award of dubious free-kicks and penalties but, especially at...
Hmm. I was being slightly ironic. However, I have little problem with 'grinder' - at least the word exists even if its use in the context of a golfer is slightly odd and recent. 'Grinded' makes no sense - as you point out, what's wrong with 'ground'???? As for Wie's golf, as I said, more power to her if she makes the most of her talent. Shame about the undoubted side show that'll always be associated with her now but media outlets and agents all need to make fortunes I guess.
New Posts  All Forums: