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 What @saevel25 said ^^^^^^ !
Summer: Rock Shandy (good, large dash of Angostura bitters, shot of lime cordial and made up to a pint with half-and-half ginger beer and lemonade. Lots of ice.). Fantastic thirst quencher. Rest of the year: A good blonde ale.
If you say so. Re. Gluz - Look at her eyes, look at the shape of her face. I would rather she didn't have the piercing but she's a gorgeous woman.As for the other two, I sincerely doubt they're warts. Bit heavily made up for me but never mind. Each to their own I guess. Good job for all of us guys is that we find a lot of different things attractive.
Who are the players who played with VJ and accused him of score alteration (or whatever it was)? Who was the 'Candian pro who played with him that day'? Who was the American player who said 'It was not a misunderstanding' (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1019296/index.htm)? I've tried quite hard to find documentary evidence of who these were and didn't come across any. Surely these players are known?Seem to recall VJ accused this of being a...
 Haven't seen that in a while. Used to go cloudy in the bottle/glass if cold from what I remember. Nice. Try some Campbeltown if you get the chance - peaty but not explosive like Islay can be. Their 10 y/o Springbank was very good as I recall. Not had the chance to try their peaty Longrow stuff but here's hoping for some day... Can I get some recommendations from my American cousins? Not so long ago, discovered rye whiskey as opposed to typical 'bourbon' we tend to see in...
 The Groove Tool of Destiny? Incidentally, milk from a virgin yak?
 That sounds pretty neat. I was asking mainly out of curiosity as it was hard to see how the main groove itself wouldn't be altered but it's obviously possible if you know what you're doing. Cheers for that.
 Thanks. Don't mind if I do. You're obviously doing sensible things re. what you've been through. I'm not trying to belittle any of that.
Actually, while we're at it, why is, for example, GI cancer almost unheard of in India but a big killer in the 'West'? If I was a betting man, I would put money on that cancer going up in India as more people are able to afford to eat plenty of meat.   Truth is, we've screwed up our relationship with food. There's no reason why it should be so complicated. It's laughable. It's not like we're trying to ascertain if that nice-looking berry on that shrub is toxic as our...
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