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Sadly, I think all of what you say above is pretty much on the button.
That's another thing I'm not looking forward to - ongoing, repeated calls for more referenda in the event of any sort of 'no' vote! How's it going for the Quebecois these days? Downtrodden, put upon and financially worse off per capita than the rest of Canada?
Seriously?? I think you're being somewhat deluded. Sure, TW could beat Rory but all the current evidence says what you wrote above is way off base.
I assume your perspective is coloured via your locale cf. Westminster. I don't think Scotland will have a problem making a success of being a small, independent country in the long term. However, the SNP are being fundamentally dishonest with their repeated avoidance of all the big financial, currency, EU etc etc questions. They're the very definition of 'jam tomorrow'.I'm not a fan of the current politics in the UK but to say that the Scots have been ignored for years is...
Got mine yesterday and, so far, have to say it's a really good read. Could have been very stuffy but written really well with just the right amount of humour. Good service via an eBay purchase to the U.K. as well. Looking forward to reading through over the next few days or so.
Except Salmond claims they won't be joining the Euro.... Edit: Duh! Missed earlier post on the same point.
Went for Option 2, the long putts. Depends a bit on how long is a long putt here, but I would say I do a couple of quick(ish) practice strokes for anything over maybe 15' or so. I think it helps me with the feel for distance but I've never actually done the experiment.
Interesting. Sad to say I haven't read what he has to say on putting but what's his argument for that being a good thing? I don't make a practice swing on full shots but they're sort of full on and I tend to make a single practice swing on 1/2 or 3/4 swing-type of shots. I'd swear it helps me get a feel for how much to put into a shot of that type. Gut reaction is for putts it would feel very odd but maybe it's just getting used to it.
Was that landed off Fukushima...?
Twice in two days on the same hole? Nasty!   Ballesteros 4-putted once and it was interesting hearing his post round interview. The media guy asked him what had happened, as if it was something huge, and Ballesteros simply said: "I putt - I miss, I putt - I miss, I putt - I miss, I putt - I hole it". He didn't see what the fuss was about, one iota, which I presume illustrates how he just tried to focus on a single shot at a time and shut out the rest. A different...
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