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Yeah. That's a bit of a downer isn't it? Think I read somewhere that the country is a lot better than when Escobar was murdered. They've been playing excellent football to-date though. We'll know more after they've face Brazil on Friday.
Definitely no dominant side. After the first games, Holland and Germany made me sit up with the scores against Spain and Portugal. Germany haven't looked that good since with their wobbly defense. Holland still look pretty good but not as good. Who's going to win? Who knows but it's been a good tournament so far!   Think Belgium actually started to look a little like the strong dark horses people have mentioned. Excellent players from back to front. U.S. threw a lot at...
What a game. Fantastic effort from U.S. and not a little skill. A lot to take forward.
Oooooo!!! So close. Thought he'd scored.
Great ball. Great run. Nice finish. Game on again....
Get in!!!!!!
Game over. Lukaku has made the difference since he came on. Pity - lot to admire about U.S. team.
Ahh. Shame. Not over yet though.
Heh. I'm drinking for you. It's OK.
No. He was a good yard or 2 onside. Should have hit target but keeper made it difficult and looked like he tried to do too much with it.
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