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Hmm. I was being slightly ironic. However, I have little problem with 'grinder' - at least the word exists even if its use in the context of a golfer is slightly odd and recent. 'Grinded' makes no sense - as you point out, what's wrong with 'ground'???? As for Wie's golf, as I said, more power to her if she makes the most of her talent. Shame about the undoubted side show that'll always be associated with her now but media outlets and agents all need to make fortunes I guess.
Personally, her use of the (made up) word "grinded" does it for me. Really?? Hate!   Seriously though, she's just a golfer. I certainly don't love her but then again, hate is far too strong a word. I'd rather not have the awful celebrity circus surrounding her, much of it before she'd done anything of substance, but accept she probably had a minimal input to that. If she carries on playing excellent golf and winning tournaments, so much the better and good luck to her.
Fantastic. Thanks for confirming that. Will definitely be ordering a copy.
Quickee question: can this be purchased for delivery outside of the U.S. ??
Some statement when talking about footballers! Pretty dumb thing to do (for the 3rd time) but I'm not sure what to make of a sport where being gobbed (spat) on, for example, is somehow deemed worse than, say, a pre-meditated Roy Kean leg breaker tackle. Football's morals have been fubar for a long, long time. It's not like he bit half of Chiellini's ear off. Great sport, shame about many of the participants.
Yes, but I don't think that means they have to be English. EPL big boys are buying up very young talent from abroad and coaching that through their academies which then qualifies as 'homegrown'.
Until relatively recently in the U.K. it was 3/4 of the handicap difference in singles matchplay. Initially, I, like a lot of others I know thought that going to 100% of the difference was going to be a big disadvantage for lower handicaps but after a bit of reflection and actually thinking about what's happened in genuine matches, it's pretty obvious that (sand baggers excepted and they soon get a reputation), giving 100% of the difference isn't that bad and the evidence...
 This seems to be the key issue here ^^^^^^^.We have the same in the U.K. Singles matchplay rules now stipulate that it's 100% of handicap difference i.e. I'm off 3 and I'm playing a 15 so I give 12 shots over the round.I love matchplay and play in that sort of comp any chance I get. I don't often lose to anyone at 10 or above. If it happens, they tend to have a very hot day but they're just as likely (usually) to have a terrible day. What's said above re. a lower handicap...
Ah well. Just goes to show you shouldn't look too deeply into the numbers (as far back as PGA site goes)....   Top of the shop in 1980: Trevino, stroke average: 69.73, # players within 2 strokes: 40 (to Dan Pohl @ 71.71)   Top of the shop in 2013: Stricker, stroke average: 68.945, # players within 2 strokes: 87 (to Kevin Chappell @ 70.927)   I'll grudgingly buy the thesis that today's field as a whole is stronger then. Still not sure I think that, all other things...
 Yeah. As that's the way to 'win' an argument...You played at the top in Jack's prime? And today's? Impressive. You'll say the same based on data analysis and stats...or on your impressions?Surely Jack's conclusions are based on in-depth stats and data analysis then? No? Good point.
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