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Brilliant. Thanks and apologies for being dumb and not simply searching myself!
How so? Man has sex, fails to get pregnant, continues with scholarship. Woman has sex, gets pregnant, has scholarship pulled. Not sure it can be that much clearer. She loses her scholarship simply for being a female having undertaken the same choices. I'd be interested to see someone push this through the courts. It's no different, for example, to the situation here in that an employer is in deep doo-doo if they discriminate against a female employee (or discriminate...
Personally, I think it's poor etiquette not to help the guy look for his ball. Even if it's in the deepest jungle I would say it's still polite to at least make a token effort or maybe suggest there's no way he'd find it. I'd be seriously p***ed off if I went looking for my ball only to find, that on emerging from the undergrowth, not only hadn't my playing partners helped at all but that they'd carried on playing and were up on the green.
Interesting. I don't suppose you can find a link by any chance?
No. It's sex discrimination. Pure and simple.
You make a big mistake then. If that's what he'd wanted everyone to infer, he would have simply (and only) said "Tiger was cavalier with the rules". There is/was no need for the weasel words and story about his own cheating. In fact, if Chamblee had simply said Woods was cavalier he would have achieved exactly what he was after without any of the fallout he's now getting - in fact, the more I think of that, the more I think Chamblee has been really, really stupid here. He...
Here's one I didn't think of until I had the dubious fortune to see an X-Factor USA - Kelly Rowland:  
Wishbone Ash - Argus. Awesome, harmonic and iconic, early 70s twin lead guitar sort-of rock.
5-iron out of wet rough from ~175 on the flag all the way to about 4 feet from the pin on our index 1 hole. Missed the birdie putt!
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