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Last few rounds I've been choking down an inch or so on all my clubs; not just the driver. Still a bit early to say but lets just say it looks like it's worth pursuing. My driver is 45" (I think) but if I could be bothered I think I'd have it shaved an inch. So far, choking down, I'm hitting the ball at least as far as before and definitely more accurately. Same goes for irons. Definitely down to a good, consistent strike. I'd be very surprised if anyone was losing...
You're right about the honour not meaning a great deal but you should still speak up. If they don't know they can't do that (yeah, right!) then the least they get is information that'll help them play the game right in future. He can have the honour but I'd still let him know he had just incurred a penalty (maybe more than one) and this isn't something that's allowed under normal circumstances. If you're messing around then it might not matter; I have tee'd a ball up in...
They did indeed; can still pick them up cheap second hand. As for feel, they're awesome. I have the 1025Ms (muscleback/blade-type) and they're easy to hit and the strike feels gorgeous. Picked up an almost new set last year via eBay for ~$100 .
E5+ is definitely more durable; I found the Gamer cover shredded very easily. I found the Gamer a bit too 'clicky' or hard off the putter and for chipping as well; it's very good for longer stuff though. Great price though.
Bingo! Couldn't have put it much better.
Reverse overlap variant. Left index finger overlapping most of right hand; right pinky overlapping left hand between 2nd and ring fingers. Right index finger extended but curled round lower putter grip. Does that make any sense?
Tried them as well. To be honest, I don't think Ping are remotely as good as they once were. They used to be a premium putter which really stood out; not any more and the ones I tested recently are, frankly, poor. Only one I thought anything of was a Redwood I think and was much the same price as the SC....which I liked a LOT more. I'm still not sure it's worth the dosh but I'm going to have a few more practice sessions (pro let me have it on test for some time) and if...
Exactly what I was about to suggest. Both are excellent. Used them quite a lot and plan to carry on doing so, particularly over the Autumn/Winter/Spring periods. This one shreds really badly but it does spin.
In the market for a change of putter and been trying quite a few. Odysseys, Pings, TMs, Yes! etc. I've always thought that Mr. Cameron's offerings are way over-priced and over-rated but today I made the mistake of becoming acquainted with a Newport Select 2.6, 34", 15g weights heel and toe. Damn and blast but I couldn't miss a thing on the practice green for about 90 minutes! Long putts were often dead weight and I didn't half hole a lot of 5-10 footers. Orders of...
Sorry, it may be the wine talking but what a load of crap. You mention ego but I think it's your own you should be worried about. Don't tell me what to play and why I play it. To the OP. Get what you want, for the reasons you want to. It's your game and your money. Just remember though; in; out. Practice, develop a good, repeatable swing and you'll be able to hit an old hickory shafted iron out of the sweet spot.
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