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Currently Bridgestone B330-RX and going to stay that way for a while; blew me away when I tried it. Others I've used a lot and would recommend: ProV1/V1x Bridgestone E5+ (bit firm off putter but otherwise excellent) Bridgestone B330S Nike One Platinum TaylorMade Burner TP (less spin than others but great ball when greens are less than hard)
Very debatable. To the OP: If you're off 28 I'd stick with what you have unless the X14s are at the end of their life; they're decent irons.
Thanks. My hcp must be complete fluke then. And there I was thinking I never had much luck in life.Your preferences for stances re. long clubs and short is completely unfounded. On what evidence do you base this statement?Whatever. What is described in your link is exactly what I do and have done for years. Maybe I need to explain better. The point I was trying to clarify was the club on the ground so you see where you're pointing. You are technically right with what...
Has to look right for me. Anything odd or any optical tricks and I won't get the best out of it. I like nice, clean lines, thin toplines. Traditional I guess .
You can use a brass shim to install a smaller shaft in a larger hosel fine (http://www.myostrichgolf.com/clubmak...oducts_id=1169). I've done this quite a bit with woods and never had an issue. May be harder in your case given the taper on the 0.355s c.f. the 0.370 parallel hosel. Your shaft shearing may be the smaller shaft in the .370" hosel but how much epoxy did you use? If you use too much and the resin fills up the inside of the shaft so that the level reaches about...
Walk for me; just used to it. Can only see me with a cart/buggy when I have to...
Ballybunion Old Course (http://www.ballybuniongolfclub.ie/old_course.htm) in a stiff breeze. Ouch!
Yes, but duhhh, don't store them with the covers on...... Clean your clubs or at least dry them off with a towel before putting them away.
1) Quite hands and one piece, full rotation take away. 2) "Alistair Keduggan" The second one is from Alex Hay, for tempo. "Alistair" for backswing (start takeaway on the "Al..."), "Keduggan" for downswing (hit ball on the middle "dug" syllable of "Ke-dug-gan"). Works a treat when I get a bit quick - long time flaw of mine. Try saying this while watching the Big Easy and some of the other smooth swingers...
Audioslave just now
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