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One for me a few years back. Crappy weather - pouring with rain and breezy. 8-iron, 156 yards, breeze l-to-r, perfect strike, one bounce and toppled in the front. Beers on me . Made the day a whole lot better. Been close a number of other times but no matter how good you hit it, you still need some luck. Been playing for ~30 years so a single ace doesn't seem like a great return!
Lol! I particularly like the description of divot size. Hogan (a good striker I think most will agree) suggests that you hit hard. I assume he means that you're committed on all shots. I try to go maybe 85-90% as if I try any easier I end up steering the shot or getting all sloppy on it. I try and focus mainly on rhythm/tempo picturing a Couples or Els kind of rhythm; most of my bad striking is through poor tempo...which is all too often!
They're excellent - snap some up. Quite firm feel...bit like ProV1x. Urethane cover (great spin), 3-piece. Tour level ball.
Lol! I voted for Federer but why am I not surprised to see Tiger up there with ~71% of the vote??! I could have (maybe) been persuaded by Tiger but not now Swiss Roger has the French in his collection. Reasons? Tennis is essentially matchplay; one loss and you're out whereas you can have a bad first round in a golf Major and still win it. The difference in playing surfaces for the tennis Majors is extreme i.e. 2 x hard court, 1 x grass and 1 x clay. The transition from...
Lol! Indeed. Where DO you people find the time to tweet, update facebook etc??? Does anyone have, you know, real acquaintances in the real world?? Sorry, joshing. Seriously though, how can you find the time amongst work, family life, whatever to use Twitter etc? It's bad enough the time spent on The SandTrap!
If you cut them up a bit I can understand a bit of frustration but that's no excuse for him being a d**k; driving through like that is plain stupid.
You got me there ; I'm sure you're right but I'd suggest the difference is insignificant for a golfer. Some of the longest balls on the market are urethane covered i.e. ProV1x. Some of the urethane balls may gain extra yardage via spin/lift cf. harder covered balls even though they're less elastic in the collision when hit by a club. You're right, but I did say "sidespin etc"; should have said spin, in general, off the driver. To be honest, I'm not sure how this bit of...
Lol! Mr. Nail? Meet Mr. Hammer. Absolutely on the money. Despite my admiration for Tiger, I'm fed up to the back teeth with the non-stop Woods love-in. Maybe there would be less charisma-free, pumped up gym bunny clone golfers out there; why copy anyway as they aren't going to beat him at his own game. "You're all individuals!"...."I'm not!" Nice to see some Bristolian sense!
I think I'm going to have to disagree with an awful lot here . I could be wrong but.... Clean, sharp grooves will make no difference to >90% of people - they simply don't hit the ball well enough. If you take a wedge with no grooves at all but a rough face (i.e. via sandblasting etc) it'll spin pretty much fine off short, dry grass. The grooves make most difference out of rough/wet grass by channelling water/crud away from the contact area so larger volume grooves...
Thoughtful thread. I'm not sure about the "anyone can hit them at Golfsmith but it's not so easy on the course" though. GI/SGI clubs don't help that much; in, out. I'd rather use some nice, clean clubs but that could just be me. Blades are not that hard to hit either; especially the modern style of blade/muscle-back. One problem I have with some of the modern clubs, although it's more their marketing, is that to use some of these high tech irons (or woods) will turn you...
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