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Assuming a decent lie, 80-90%; should be better. Misses are usually near misses or misjudgments on distance. Need to get it closer really rather than simply aim to get it on the dance floor. As for club, easy PW (48°) or solid GW (52°).
Not sure; been a few. Recently played a career shot from a bunker to save a par. Was a shot to nothing as partner was in decent shape but I'll still take it. Left my approach on a par 4 short and right and in the first of two traps on that side of the green. Pin was back and right so I had to carry the second trap and there was no green to work with. To make matters worse, my approach had hit the front of the bunker and cannoned onto the rear downslope. Shot distance...
So, what we're left with is nothing but a very subjective opinion by one person (O'Meara); albeit that he knows Tiger's game pretty well. There are many fantastic ball strikers who've done nothing (comparatively) great in their careers. We know that Tiger has it where it matters (i.e. between the ears) but I don't think we can make any judgement on McIlroy who's now won his first event - just about.
Don't do it with any putter you value. It'll bend the face/head/hosel over a short period; the metal is nowhere near hard enough in most putters. Saw one guy ruin a Ping Zing (I think) in MnBr in about half a dozen tee shots. As for 1-irons; awesome clubs but you need a repeatable, decent swing to get the best out of them. I used to be able to hit a Ping Karsten III 1-iron really well and stupidly sold it. Got a replacement a while back and it's not as easy any more...
Non-story. On the flip side, he smokes(ed) dope and still thrashed the ar*e off everyone in the pool? That must irritate even more than continually seeing his feet disappearing into the watery distance.
Better than Tiger? Er...no. Let's revisit this if McIlroy spreadeagles the Masters field by a dozen shots or so on his way to winning it.
I have a 3-PW set (Tour irons with ferrule; red dot - can get bent via Ping if you need adjustment; decent condition) which I'm about to get ready for eBay. Rifle flighted 5.5s (newish) and Lamkin Xline midsize grips in excellent condition. I liked them a lot but I fell in love with my current irons so the S59s have to go I'm afraid. The TFR shafts give a slightly higher launch (and better feel IMO) than the S300s, which I liked; found the S300s too low for me in these...
Interlock for me. Tried both for reasonable periods but always thought interlocking felt more secure throughout my swing.
Interesting USGA link that, thanks.
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