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PX shafts - yuck! Played the 5.5s for a bit but although they performed pretty good, I couldn't get used to the feel; felt too harsh for me. Gone back to S300s .
Currently: 1) Pitching from 50-100 yards with several different clubs. Having watched the Masters (best one for a few years) it was so obvious just how good the top guys are from 100 yards in. They hit some rubbish like the rest of us (Cabrera at 1st playoff hole) but then stiff it from ~80 yards out to save par (Cabrera again). Going to be my major area for improvement this year (I hope). In terms of how; experimentation and practice I guess. Learn how far my wedges go...
Fortunately, you don't control the little red button.
Used them a lot in the past....used to call them a 1-iron. My game isn't up to them anymore but my current 2-iron works surprisingly well. I'd go for a hybrid (I'd have one but for my current 2-iron going so well) or why not hit a 3-wood?? People seem to have forgotten about the 3-wood; typically almost as long as a driver (except into wind), a bit shorter shaft so easier to hit well (usually) and easier to get it on the short grass. Look how well Cabrera was hitting...
Ha. What do you mean by "golf fitness"?? It's not the NFL or the Olympic 100m Final. Golf has and always will require different skills etc to other sports. Just because Tiger is in good (stereotypical) shape, doesn't mean it works for anyone else. More power to the "stout" guys I reckon .
1/2 ball above crown for me. I would imagine if you go too high, you'll start swinging quite flat and around your body -> hook. Bit like hitting off a ball-above-feet lie.
You say "low and left". Do they start left with a gentle hook or do they start straight/slightly right and then snap hook?
Tough. It's a lottery even if we are allowed Tiger. I'll go with Ogilvy; like his apparently chilled nature allied to what looks like a very solid all-round game. He'll probably go and miss the cut now....
Whoa, whoa and whoa!If you're 14 (just 14 or nearer 15?) and on the small side, I think we're getting WAY ahead of things here. I know it might be tough thinking you don't hit it very far but (and trust me on this) you're 14. What you need to concentrate on at the moment is sound fundamentals which will generate a crisp ball strike; the distance will come as you age, get stronger (which'll happen naturally) and because you hit the ball properly.Out of interest, how is...
Need more info. Have a video anywhere? Lack of distance per se (within reason) isn't necessarily that much of a problem; Corey Pavin didn't do bad.
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