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If it was only one practice session I would put it down to "one of those days". Had a similar problem not so long ago (but more than a single session) and fixed it quite nicely by making a slightly more one-piece take-away and making sure I made a good shoulder turn.
Ah yes, but the cover shreds very badly. I'd definitely say give the B330-RX a go. Fantastic ball.
For a given shaft. They're different things though really I think. Torque ratings measure resistance to torsion (higher = less resistance) whereas the shaft's flex is a measure of it's resistance to flexing at 90° to the direction of the shaft. I suspect that these days you could probably get, say, a low torque regular and a high torque stiff shaft if you wanted. Maybe not though . As for trajectory, don't forget the tip stiffness which can have quite a big effect.
Ditto. I don't always do it but if I'm not swinging smoothly I'll use it. Anecdotal, but I tend to find I get a crisper iron strike with this but if I'm not careful I'll introduce a push right. Why on Earth would you set up with a closed face? A forward press, IMO, isn't for a "two wrongs make a right" kind of thing. The problem with a forward press is that you'll open the face by accident. If you're closed and use this to counteract and it works for you then that's...
It's no secret. Just make a decent, descending ball strike. Good, sharp acceleration into and through impact as well. You'll have "backspin" on your wedges anyway by definition. Do you want them to pull back on landing? Your ball will influence this as well.
3-wood for me, but I use a 4-wood on occasion as well. 3-woods are not that hard to hit off the deck. They're longer than a hybrid and most hybrids (I hate the things!) have a lot of offset c.f. a 3-wood which will help with ease of striking. I can't work a hybrid left or right for toffee though and I like to be able to do this with my clubs so a 3-wood it is for me. I think all(?) Titleist woods take a 0.335" shaft; I know mine do.
Umm, I like them both a lot but one of the main things for me was the 330RX off my irons where it was definitely very long; typically I reckon I'm about 1/2 club longer. I loved the feel off everything (especially chips and putting) as well but it feels a bit softer than the 330S so might not appeal to everyone. I posted some thoughts in a thread the other day:http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21784
Tough one if he really is your best friend. I'd be inclined to have a word and suggest he volunteers to inform those in charge of the comp. that he made "a mistake". Signed his card wrong or whatever. If it really was a comp. as you say above, I don't think he should be allowed to get away with it scot-free.
Currently Bridgestone B330-RX and going to stay that way for a while; blew me away when I tried it. Others I've used a lot and would recommend: ProV1/V1x Bridgestone E5+ (bit firm off putter but otherwise excellent) Bridgestone B330S Nike One Platinum TaylorMade Burner TP (less spin than others but great ball when greens are less than hard)
Very debatable. To the OP: If you're off 28 I'd stick with what you have unless the X14s are at the end of their life; they're decent irons.
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