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73, 76, 72, 74. Quite pleased for early season.
Always try to get mine at my right shoulder. Apologies, but I cannot see how this makes any sense. For most people, a strong right hand (i.e. grip V pointing right of right shoulder) will roll the clubface aggressively shut as it comes though the ball. A weak right hand (i.e. grip V pointing left of right shoulder) will prevent the face rolling as it should on the way through and you'll tend to leave the face open. How far your V has to be from the norm before you see an...
Pretty poor really but I guess it depends on the shop. Was it a "proper" specialist pro shop or just somewhere that sells golf clubs?
Didn't Nicklaus use the interlock as well? Not sure about the "cause and effect" here but use of the interlocking grip may be worth a look-see....
For me it's a sweep; always has been. Definitely not a descending strike but not much of a rising hit either.
Saw this and thought it looked like it might be fun.... Wonder what influence it would have on life insurance premiums.....
Moving it back a bit may help but it sounds a bit like you might be (subconciously?) trying to "help" the ball get airborne rather than trusting in the club loft and backspin generated. Have to hit down on the ball and really trust that it'll work. Sounds a bit counter-intuitive but it's definitely right. Apologies if that's not what you're doing!
We don't get that sort of stuff here a lot (fortunately) but I think you have to be a bit foolish not to respect something that requires ~75,000 volts/inch to create a bolt and can create glass from the sand in that bunker you're just about to hit from. We're often in the terawatt range for a single hit here and there they are, in the open, carrying metal stuff...... They'd look a damned site more foolish as a smoking hole that you will in getting off the course as you...
Given you're not up for discussing the weapon, I would say that leaves you with ball position. Why don't you want to use a different club?
I think you have the info in your post. If you're teeing up a bit and it's OK whereas divots from the deck are at or a bit behind the ball, you're almost certainly not making quite the right descending, ball-turf contact. Hard to suggest anything more without seeing anything.
New Posts  All Forums: