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Neymar was just covering up (a bit) what everyone could see in front of their own eyes.
We are not worthy! German football is how English fans and media think England play. Congratulations. And now it's 5!
Holy Crap! 4-0 to Germany inside 30 minutes???? Thought Brazil were a poor shadow of their famous past but this is ridiculous!
Quite. Fernandinho (I think it was him) was a bit of a disgrace. Kicking Rodriguez into next week all game without a card and the first tackle Rodriguez attempts (Hulk hurdled it) and a yellow card is given  and from the resulting free kick, Luiz scores.As one of our pundits said, "Brazil are winning but losing a lot of fans in doing so".
 I doubt they'd practice anything like that. It's a product of being very good in general I think. As for the 3 suggestions above, I'd go with Cahill's block buster. Technically, very, very difficult. Full volley with the ball coming across his body and he manages to hit back against the grain and hit the target. James' volley vs. Uruguay was pretty impressive, especially as he has a quick peek at the keeper while the ball is in the air, on the way to him, before he smacks...
 Interesting about body shapes in classic U.S. sports cf. soccer (I use that word due to the majority audience here), but they aren't "mine"! I would imagine some of the more talented athletes with a more classic soccer body shape have simply moved into other careers in the past when soccer was amateur and early pro in the U.S. If the pay was that low in the past then you could do a lot of things and earn more while playing soccer for recreation. Maybe in the not so...
Used to have a bit of a thing for Suzi Perry. Used to commentate/be an expert pundit on motorcycle racing and now anchors the BBC's F1:    
Holy c**p! Still, EPL salaries are significant as are those at the top clubs in Italy, Spain, France and Germany. With the exception of English players (which is another story), many soccer players travel around the World a lot. If they want the money and are good enough, it could be done. Not a bad lifestyle but I can see why it's difficult to get decent soccer players to stick with it, especially if they're exceptional all-round athletes.
I fear you may be right but what sort of contracts can the best NFL, NBA etc players expect? I know it's only a small number of players but, at the top level in soccer now, contracts in excess of £150,000 per week (~$260,000 per week at current rates) are now not that unsual. Wayne Rooney (not that I think he's worth it!) is thought to be on £300,000 per week on his current contract and that doesn't include any add-ons. At least, that's the sort of money in the English...
The referee(s) have a big part to play with this and I think he did well last night. Let the game flow and didn't have any time for minor issues or faking. Once players know the play acting won't work, they soon get on with playing the game.If the game was more honest at the top (I give you Sepp Blatter etc as examples - what leadership!) they might be stronger about introducing measures to cut out the cheating...or "simulation" (talk about weasel words, they can't even...
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