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I tried some older Cleveland hybrids, some Mizuno, some Cobra and some Ping. Didn't like the look of some of them at address (I like a 'classical' look insofar as I can get one) and one or two I simply hit wayyyyy left although struck OK (shaft issues? too much offset?).I like long irons but after trialling the 19° 910h, it was a no brainer. Unbelievably easy to hit and I can hit a draw (my natural shape) or a fade, as required. Still keep the long irons for practice but...
FWIW, I'm a recent convert to hybrids and I'd unreservedly recommend the Titleist 910h. Criminally easy to hit - they should be banned. Not the cheapest but seriously good.
FWIW, I'd hazard that the miniscule effect on flex/swingweight is outweighed by the fact that 1.5" less length is giving you more control and a better smash factor. Better control, better impact - all good.
Ha. Interesting thought. I hope the players involved are making enough to retire on!
Wow! 7-0. Great finish.
I wonder what the record margin is for a World Cup victory? Thing is, the German players don't seem to do anything extravagant individually but they all do everything very, very well and they are the definition of a team. When one of them has the ball, so many are looking for space to take a pass. The running off the ball is so intelligent as well. It's not rocket science but they make it look effortless.
6-0. What are the Brazillian defenders on?? They're an embarrassment.
Scolari isn't going to get a plum job after this either. Fred and Jo are pretty shocking 'strikers'.
That and I suspect Germany have lost a little bit of vim.
The trouble for Brazil is if they think this is just a blip. They don't have the talent they used to have and they need to realise that. Will they though?
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