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 Sorry. I don't really understand how that's relevant. For one thing, what TW did is out in the public domain for all to see. This isn't an accusation about whether he's using PEDs or not. It's Chamblee's pathetic assertion that he knew TW's thought processes at each of these moments. He doesn't know any such thing and yet he's claiming that TW actively cheated. He's trying to use a cowards approach to tarnish Woods. I don't even care that much for Woods but I hope he...
Oh dear .
Definitely something odd with those numbers. Or something missing in the explanation. The spin #s are more reminiscent of being hit by a PW - is that what they were?
Oh, I gathered that Bush was sober during his term(s)...that's the worrying thing. He wasn't on anything and he was still like that??
 An interesting thread as we've been watching what's likely to happen with this spat on your side of the pond. That said, how can you think Bush (I assume you mean Dubya) was 10 x the leader Obama is? I'm surprised GW Bush knew what day it was half the time.
Nah. You thin a 3-iron in the cold and you'll feel those vibrations coming up your club shaft.
They do indeed. Good job really as what would we all discuss the pros and cons of??
 A good point. I think the SteelFiber are a graphite/metal composite though.  Oh, I don't know. The fact that the people who earn their money from playing golf (almost) exclusively play steel in their irons might have something to do with it.Also, why be deliberately biased in your quotations as well? Are you deliberately ignoring the bit where I said "...graphite technology has come on a lot and it's not as clear cut a difference as it used to be." ?I actually think the...
Yes, but irons are essentially about accuracy and not distance. I'd much rather a bit less distance but more accuracy in all of my irons - they're the scoring clubs. That said, graphite technology has come on a lot and it's not as clear cut a difference as it used to be. You've also got some interesting, very light steel options now as well.
Amusing, in a way. As for coffee, almost always smells better than it tastes. Espresso or nothing for me on the coffee front.     Boogie   Sounds like you were done. Twinings source good tea....but not in those damned tea bags. I would have thought a hotel like that would have made it axiomatic to have served a variety of loose leaf teas.
New Posts  All Forums: