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Was that landed off Fukushima...?
Twice in two days on the same hole? Nasty!   Ballesteros 4-putted once and it was interesting hearing his post round interview. The media guy asked him what had happened, as if it was something huge, and Ballesteros simply said: "I putt - I miss, I putt - I miss, I putt - I miss, I putt - I hole it". He didn't see what the fuss was about, one iota, which I presume illustrates how he just tried to focus on a single shot at a time and shut out the rest. A different...
 I'm exactly the same. Been trying the last few weeks do exactly this as I was/do get way too long far too often. I get the same effect re. distance as well - (re-)gained about 5-10 yards on irons the last few weeks and hit some bombed drives. For me, at least, a longer backswing certainly doesn't make for maximal distance. Contact's better, accuracy too, with a slightly shorter backswing.
FWIW, the new Srixon AD333 Tour is a pretty damned good ball. Been using them quite a bit this Summer. 3-piece, great price point, urethane cover. Spin for approach and short game is excellent (albeit not at, for example, ProV1 level) and it feels really nice off the putter. Very white, doesn't fade and fantastic cover resilience as well. Quite possibly a 'keeper' for me.
 Spot on.  Really? You think it's a good idea to lower oneself to the same level in that way??? I understand why you might think that way, but in no sensible way is it 'fair game'.
Eh? It's a members club - of course they have to put it to the vote. As for the anagram etc, I think you're taking that stance a little bit far don't you?
Hmm. Some nice recent additions. On a Doctor Who theme, how about Jenna Louise Coleman:     Or Karen Gillan:       Or Estella Warren (was watching Plant of the Apes...):  
I ended up as most like Eldrick???? OK, I need a drink...
Hmmm. So we let the body's natural reaction to insult go unchecked because otherwise we'll do some damage? Perhaps, therefore, people should leave well alone when someone has a galloping, systemic infection? Let their rising body temperature, literally, cook their brain and the body's defenses will obviously deal with the bug causing it? That must be the problem in West Africa just now - people are interfering with the body's natural reaction to an insult.   Seriously,...
Humaima Malik, Pakistani actress/model:      
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