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FWIW, I'd hazard that the miniscule effect on flex/swingweight is outweighed by the fact that 1.5" less length is giving you more control and a better smash factor. Better control, better impact - all good.
Ha. Interesting thought. I hope the players involved are making enough to retire on!
Wow! 7-0. Great finish.
I wonder what the record margin is for a World Cup victory? Thing is, the German players don't seem to do anything extravagant individually but they all do everything very, very well and they are the definition of a team. When one of them has the ball, so many are looking for space to take a pass. The running off the ball is so intelligent as well. It's not rocket science but they make it look effortless.
6-0. What are the Brazillian defenders on?? They're an embarrassment.
Scolari isn't going to get a plum job after this either. Fred and Jo are pretty shocking 'strikers'.
That and I suspect Germany have lost a little bit of vim.
The trouble for Brazil is if they think this is just a blip. They don't have the talent they used to have and they need to realise that. Will they though?
Indeed. Their support has got them this far in the face of some pretty poor performances. So many of their players are, basically, average. Certainly, when you look at the great players they've had so regularly in the past, who even gets close to that level? Neymar, maybe. But that's it.
Didn't think it would be 5-0 inside 30 minutes but thought Brazil might get a bit of a tonking.
New Posts  All Forums: