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215 shipped
Just want to reiterate that I am a motivated seller. If you are interested, pm me and throw out a number. I'll probably take it!
  The most famous club in Long Drive is up for grabs. The Krank Rage is used by countless LDA professionals and holds the current LDA Championship.  Here is your chance to catch fire in a bottle at a discount. [quote] The Krank Golf Rage Driver is now recognized as the longest hitting golf driver in the world. With Three Re/Max World Long Drive Championships in 2010, it is the top rated golf driver among amature and Progolf anywhere. The Rage golf driver is the most...
Maybe not totally necessary for golf, but you're right, and olympic or compound lifts are THE BEST thing you can do for muscular and skeletal health if you are concerned with strength, speed and power. And no, you don't have to use huge weights, or get bulky. There are some sexy slender women who use olympic weight lifting. If you want more power and distance, do not ignore these lifts. I think deadlift and snatches would be the best for golf.
Does anyone know where I can watch this online? The page on golfchannel.com doesn't seem to be working for me.
I guess this thread should have been titled more along the lines of upper body and hip rotation through the swing. After watching the videos it seems like that is the biggest issue. My upperbody is about 45 degrees behind where it should be at impact. I'm working on it, and I have it in my head, but can't seem to translate it to action.
Mizuno MP CLK is liquid hot. I demo'd every hybrid on the market(reasonably) and it was the best for me. Great feel off the face.
Golf builds relationships. Some of my very best friends are just that because of golf.
Buy a Casio FS-10 and teach yourself. Best part of a coach is having eyes on you, with a slow-motion camera you can be your own eyes, then it's just up to you to understand the perfect golf swing.
Bad news is I wont get to see how far I hit them until spring. I'm stuck in a 120 yard dome! Unless I take em to a simulator..
New Posts  All Forums: