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Golf Swing GSA.  A major transformation of my equipment and swing.  Totally fixed my driver and driving.  Now I never worry about my play club.
I used a kid's shin guard, old credit card and a telescopic fly fishing rod. Costsimilar to yours.
Same problem here. The worst part is the habit will slip back once I stop thinking about 1/2 swing, so it is gotta be the perception of the swing in my sub-conscious mind. The way I fix this problem is telling myself to use the shoulder to propel the club head and limit the left grip effort to only c*cking the club head to level with the shoulder. This usually work for the rest of the day when playing.
Are you referring to creating and sustaining lag?
When you are tall enough to play basketball, you still need to perform when playing the game. If you can make contact with the ball, you are just tall enough to play. Try to play 3 balls with same club for 3 different types of shot. That is control and perform different tasks, which is what's required when playing.
Better fix your swing before fixing the clubs. It is remotely unlikely to use a stiffer shaft to fix slice.
Welcome to the club! There are a few things I'd summarized from my own learning experience. Firstly, you need to visualize what is lag to you. Most people use wrist cock or angle bwt forearm and shaft. It is also important to visualize that the club head is actually revolving initially on a smaller radius arc and then accelerate to a larger radius arc because of the power applied on it. So if you cannot set the head from small to large radius or in to out path when...
It is a success only if you can bring it from the range to the course. My wedges have higher swing weights that help to supress the "overpowering". I found them helpful for doing a few practice swings whenever there is waiting time to hit the next shot.
That is what I call talent!
Golf swing is a "long range" precision motion much like "art painting" on walls. What I found most helpful is to maintain smooth ramp up of rotational speed and suitable grip presure so that I feel maximum body and club balance. With that, execution of shot is much more successful. For whatever swing plane, arc, path etc. that suit you, I think you cannot deviate from those principles.
New Posts  All Forums: