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Quote: It's far easier to hit the middle of the green with a shaped shot if the course has any design/challenge in its layout.    scenario: Water short of the green and all along the right side... You would rather try to fly over the water and bunker to a green vs fade a ball in - the fade will be flying over land for the final part of the flight, avoiding the water and bunker completely.   scenario: Par 5. Trouble RIGHT off the tee. The fairway doglegs at 235 - to the...
I carry new Pro V1x, Callaway Tour, and Nike One Tour at most times.    I will usually play the round with one ball. Or at least with one brand of ball - and stay with it. Unless I start out very badly. Then I'll switch. 
In the first day of league last week a guy hit the bottom of the pin with his tee shot (par 3). It was so very near a slam dunk hole-in-one. Instead the ball slammed off the pin and into the water. He made a double bogey, 5.
Because it's a Par 3.   If you cannot walk from the cart path to play your second shot - on a par 3 - you should NOT be playing golf. You should be laying off the chips, burgers, beer, television, chips, burritos, burgers, ice cream, fries, pizza, burgers, soft drinks, chips and beer.
From 210 to 65 or so I want to know the exact yardage to the pin or target. I'll walk off from sprinkler heads or cart path indicators. I carry a GPS on my bag.    If I'm inside 60 or so, it's completely feel - I'll pace it off - and look at landing spots, but the shot itself - carry distance, trajectory, spin - is all FEEL based - Not a mentallly calculated "OK, hit this ball 43 yards ..."
I'm going to play alternating boxes today. Black, Green, White, Red . . . repeat
yesterday on hole 10. 135 from the pin. pin is on the right side. I faded in a high 9 iron to inside a foot. then on hole 17 - 135 and uphill to the pin. I drew in a strong 9 iron to inside two feet.   Niiiiiiicccccceee.
Play alone -  Play alone and play a WORST ball scramble. Meaning, hit two tee shots - play the worst one. Hit two approaches - - play the worst one. Hit two chips ... etc. You will learn how to PLAY GOLF if you start challenging yourself more than normal. Everyone can make a par from the fairway, but can you find a way to make a par from the trees...?   Play with people who are better than you. 
    15 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC Laws, Fees, and Possession Limits   1. Alaska 1998 Ballot Measure 8 (58%) $25/$20 1 oz usable; 6 plants (3 mature, 3 immature) unknown1 2. Arizona 2010 Proposition 203 (50.13%) unknown2 2.5 oz usable; 0-12...
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