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My son has played the S-59's since they came out approx. 6 years ago.  He just loves them.  He likes a more  "traditional" look - (I know kind of an oxy moron with Ping), as he did not like any of the offerings from Callaway, etc when we purchased these.  They definitely are more of a players club vs. the game improvement clubs on the market today.  I see in your signature that you had the CG golds.  I had these, and liked them a lot.  The Pings will definitely feel...
Everyone, I am toying with changing my driver length. Due to an eye condition, the longer clubs have become rather difficult to hit. Depth perception is kind of tough. Current Cobra L5V is standard length which i think is 45". I may be off be 1/2" but it is not that important to my question. I am looking for golfers that have had an experience with much shorter drivers. Somewhere in the 42" or even shorter. I understand that this would give me much better...
I have a 52* and 56* Ping LH MB wedges that i am looking to move. If you are interested, send me a PM. Chris
You should see a significant change to the better in off center hits (forgiveness) and probably some additional distance. If you can try the Burner Plus I would recommend it. The Burner has a longer shaft which cause a little dispersion problem. If you typicallly hit it straight this should not be a problem. For the money, the TM's from the last couple of years are pretty good deals. Good Luck.
Ping has a wonderful fitting system. Please make sure that he fitted correctly and this decision will come out loud and clear in the fitting. Please don't spend that much money without this.
There are some stainless steels that are magnetic. I'm not sure which SS the Cally "woods" are made from, but this is not the only test. Maybe someone else that has the same models, can test theirs also and confirm your thoughts.
Last trip to the golf shop, I got caught up in a 3H purchase. Went for the $99 Tour Burner hybrid at Golf Galaxy. I was looking for a hybrid for a 210yd shot. I have a 4H original TM rescue, that was a stretch to get it to 200yds, so i thought the 3H would be the perfect fit. The problem I am having is that the 3H has a much lower ball flight than anticipated and actually goes to far. I know, complaining about more distance, but this has created an issue for me. Has...
I agree with the first recommendation - try both if you can. I think i have the differences correct, but you can tell from looking at the irons also. The R7 Draw, will have quite an offset to them, and they are weighted to help a golfer that has a slice - tries to get the club head back to square at impact due to the weighting of the head. The XD is a different animal. TM wanted to have a max distance iron, so they used a titanium face insert, and made the lofts on...
I would recommend posting your average driver distance and your average 7 iron distance. From these, quite a few posters should be able to give you some basic advice. shft flex is extremely dependent on a number of factors so if you are really serious, i would recommend finding a good local golf shop and ask them the same question after looking at your swing.
Just my two cents worth - I have the Cally 7wood you are describing and i added a Ping 16* H about 2 years ago (both graphite). The 7W flies higher and longer than the 2H. If it's windy or a very tight course, i will put the 2H in the bag, on a longer course that is more wide open i will put the 7W in the bag. Hope this helps. Good Luck.
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