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Boog,  is either the 14-way Kabuki™ Top Cuff in the Mizuno Aerolite full length, or does your wife's sticks get hung up in the bag?  I have been eyeing this bag for a while on the "auction" site as a cost effective lightweight cart bag.  Thanks for the feedback.
Granite Links (Quincy MA) The Pinehills - Jones and Nicklaus Courses (Plymouth MA) The International - Pine and Oak Courses (Bolton MA) Highfields (Grafton MA) Shining Rock (Northbridge MA) Butter Brook (Westford MA)
Good job, Strick.  Glad to see him pull through and go birdie-birdie to get the threepeat.  He seems like a good guy; he's on my "hope he wins" list.  
You said that the twilight covers Apr-May, which is only two months. You get four days per week, so that equates to ~32 days to golf within the two months for ~$9.38 per round (best case playing every day).  Even if you played 50% of the available time, it would cost you $18.76 per round (given the after 6 PM limitation, that would for 9-holes).   Now, if it is somehow for four months as you stated, then the cost per round is a lot cheaper.  If the course is half-way...
Golf life is too short to deal with this buffoonery.  Also, for the most part, you get what you pay for (to quote an over-used axiom).  Let ownership / pro shop / ranger deal with it, and if they don't, find a better place to play.   A friggin' 7-some?  Must have looked like a chinese fire drill on the tee box.
Congrats; an eagle's an eagle - you didn't design the course.  You mentioned that it was a 310 yard Par 3 - assuming that it's a Par 4 to justify the Eagle (a 310-yard Par 3 would be difficult for the average golfer to Par let alone Birdie).   Based on the stats you provided, looks like a putting lesson and more practice would benefit your scoring (join the club).
For me, I mainly golf early in the morning during the weekday (~5:30 AM).  I can get in 9 holes (carrying or with a push cart), and be home before my son's bus picks him up for school.  I also take a few weekdays during summer to play in the late morning or early afternoon.  My weekends are busy either coaching or working on the "honey do" list, but I will be golfing a few times during the weekend with friends / family.   There is a very nice nearby course which has...
Jack's first Major win was in 1962, so five years from now is what I used (not based on years being a pro) to make it more comparable.    
It's hard for someone on an internet forum to provide any accurate feedback as there is no visual data.  The best bet would be for a local PGA instructor to have a look to see if these are the right fit for you.  You could also go to a retail store (Golf Town,...), and get a swing fitting (swing speed, launch angles, spin rates, ball speed,...) with these clubs (usually for a fee).  Otherwise, it's hard to know with certainty.  The more you play, the more you will begin...
Welcome to the Trap. Good to see the MA membership increase.
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