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Yes it does but I'm working on not lifting it. When my foot lifts on the backswing, I sway and my balance is off. Plus, I don't get as much torque. I get much better contact, better balance, and more consitensy if I can just keep my stupid left foot steady!
Great suggestions! Thanks for all the replies and ideas. On to research and shopping!
Burner. I have an 07 and I read that the 08 and 09 are better. Sweet sound when you hit solid.
What irons do you recommend for an improving high handicaper? I have super game improvement, clone, senior flex irons. I'm pulling them with very high shots. To hit them straight I have to back off and then the distance is less. When I swing full, they are about 20 yards left and 10 yards longer. So, I'm looking for my next irons with R flex. My driver and hybrids are R flex and I hit them straight.
Glad to hear your lesson went well. I was disappointed with mine. My wife and I had group lessons (myself, her and another guy.) First the instructor said since it was only 3 of us instead of the usual 4, the lessons would only last 40 minutes instead of on hour. Then he tried to change one of the days of the lesson. But the worst was the last day when he said he could get us on the course to play instead of the driving range lesson. We agreed and he set us up with...
Oh I forgot, I changed to graphite shafts on the Revelation vs. the heavy steel ones on the costco set. That's the biggest help. By the way, the Nickalas set from costco lasted me two years of mishits, shanks, divots, etc. so I can't complain.
I got the Revelation from Giga last month and I really like them. I started with a Nicklas set from costco and the Revelation is much easier to hit, goes further and feels good. But, I did change the flex, weight and they are a different design...so that may be the main diffrence. Hoping this set will last me until I drop my handicap. We'll see about the durability!
Tyee Valley Golf Course. This is kinda of a joke. but it is where my wife and I play the most. At the end of SeaTac Airport with jets flying over head every two minutes. You play #12 and #16 on the same hole twice. #9 is about a 40 yards par 3. But for $12!!! www.seattlegolfguide.com/public/tyee.shtml - 26k
Retired air traffic controller but still doing contract instructing 3/4 time. 1/2 time next year!
Sun Mt. It was recommended by a club member and I like it. Solid and compact. But, haven't tried others.
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