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Look at the video of his swing here: There is very, very, very little hip slide if any. Now I'm not saying a hip slide won't help 99% of all golfers, but it isn't an imperative to playing good golf. The only imperatives to playing good golf are a flat left wrist, club head lag pressure point, and a proper plane line.
You do not have to slide the hips. For the vast majority of people it is a very good thing, but it is not a must that has to happen for good contact to take place.See Arnold Palmer:Now just because you don't consciously slide the hips doesn't mean they won't (and likely will) gradually slide forward while the hips turn, but there doesn't have to be a definite slide.
Considering the vast majority of bad golfers are slicers I don't know why you think this is good advice.
If you swing down the target line you will slice the ball all day long.Target line and delivery line are two different things.
The longer the club the harder it is.I lose quite a bit of distance hitting due to not being as efficient at it.But that said I am a lot more accurate with it.
It doesn't require flexibility to be a hitter though, only strength.I personally think it is a lot easier to be strong as an ox as and old man rather than flexible as a gymnast as an old man.But I might be wrong.
Depends really. I think the analysis of the best players in the world learn as kids and kids are a lot more flexible than they are strong, thus the best players in the world are more often than not swingers is pretty true. I had never really thought about it like that, but it is probably the case. I do think most people blend both into their swing and I don't think most realize that they do, and how much they do of one over the other. As far as "knowing what you are to...
Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino were both hitters though :)I personally am a Hitter and love it. It is EXTREMELY accurate though I must admit it isn't for everyone and I am still perfecting the stroke.The vast majority of people are not hitters because they are unfamiliar with it but it is a very efficient way to hit the golf ball. The tell tale sign is the right fore arm at impact. If it is at a 90* angle to the body then that is definitely a swing. If it is pointing...
right fore arm.
Not really.It is fairly easy to do.Really all it takes is a little lagging club head takeaway (basically the hands pull back before the club moves) and attempt to keep very loose hands and wrists (but tight fingers of course or the club goes flying) up to the top.Once at the top allow the hip bump to create an insane amount of lag and do not fight it. Then just keep your core sliding and turning like crazy and your right shoulder going down as much as you can until you...
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