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cards are sold
Hi, not a stupid question but I found something I want to buy and I will use my pay pal to buy it. Thanks
I have 2 - $25 gift cards for Golfsmith totaling $50. I received these for Xmas but I've found something elsewhere to purchase. You can buy 1 for $20 with free ship, or 2 for $40 with free shipping in US. The cards are valid in the US. email if interested pay pal only
Still available. Drop me a pay pal and it's on it's way. Anyone?
head is still available
$15 shipped US.
yes, it does have just a little bit of epoxy on it that can be easily removed before installing the shaft.
thanks but I'll wait for cash.
a pm sent
The memphis 10 is a uniflex shaft with a swing speed of 75-95. Your offer is too low for me but thanks anyway.
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