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putter is sold.
Just like to switch things up a little.
Here's some pics
FS Taylormade 9.5 deg Firesole Head Only. Overall good condition. Put a good shaft on it and you're ready to go. $15 shipped US only , Pay Pal please email for pics. email me directly if interested
I'm sure there are some new ones out there, but I still use a Titleist 975j and love it.
FS Used Never Compromise TDP 2.2 Putter * 33 in. * Includes headcover Good overall condition, with shaft band in good condition. I don't have pics yet but will provide on request. $42 + 8 ship, US Pay pal
Price drop $125 + 20 ship US, pay pal
I'll look into those. When I was there last I played a Prince coarse by Pearl. I looked good in the photos but was really dry. I think their rainfall was down at that time.
Caddyrack golf club separator for your bag. Sits atop the bag and separates your irons. The end separator is broken, shouldn't be a problem, but all others are good. $15 shipped US, pay pal email for pics or questions.
For some reason when I open the blade on the backstroke I feel like I'm opening myself up for something to go wrong.
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