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You may want to give the Callaway X-Hot a look. It's a 15* 3-Wood but has a hot clubface and a longer shaft.
Welcome to the club! You'll love them!!!
I absolutely agree with TheWarHound. Accuracy above distance. Who cares if you hit the club a mile, if it's a mile into the woods?
I love my Rocket Tour knit headcovers. Only issue is if you have a square Driver. It's a bit hard to put on / take off...
Yes, and they can charge more for the fade, er, uh, um, Tour bias...
I don't wear a glove and have Golf Pride Tour Velvets on my irons and Lamkin Crossline on my wedges. I'm quite happy with both.
1. Stay in the moment. Try the one shot at a time approach, and don't tilt because of a bad shot on the previous hole(s). 2. Maintain the intensity. Try to match my back 9 score to my front 9 score. This means avoiding the inevitable fatigue that causes my swing to fall apart. 3. Work on lag putts. Don't get complacent with the lag putts. Make sure to work hard on them and get them within 3 feet of the hole (minimum).
In the past I've had that problem and rectified it by hovering the club at address instead of grounding it. It keeps me looser, allows me to maintain my grip pressure, and stay more upright throughout.
I don't wear a glove so my wedding ring really affects the feel of my grip. Therefore it comes off. My watch also comes off, as I hate the weight of it during my backswing.
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