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Driver: Ping G5 10.5* Stiff Shaft - I tried out several and the Ping felt and sounded the best to me. I originally tried a regular shaft but kept duck-hooking it. Tried stiff and all was well. 4-Wood: Sonartec NP-99 17* - I used to have a 3-wood and a 5-wood in my bag. The problem was that I wasn't hitting them consistently and the difference in distance between the two wasn't that great. I decided to split the difference with a club that had a loft in between the two...
Frogger all the way.
Big fan of Eidolon wedges. Please let us know what you end up with!
Yeah, I know him. I don't play with him anymore, though. That's because I don't play with (or respect) cheaters. They can go play with themselves. So to speak.
I'm in. Thanks!
I love my 60* lob wedge. I find it's far easier to hit it consistently than, say, a 4-iron. If they ban it, I'd be bummed. Well, that's not entirely true. I'd just bend it to 59*...
I recently ditched my Callaway X-Hot 3-Wood and Ping G5 5-Wood in favor of a used Sonartec NP-99 4-Wood. I absolutely love the way it feels and launches the ball, and it frees up a spot in my bag for another wedge.
Beer and poker. I find it's good for me to take a break from time to time...
You forgot another reason: They look sweet.
Next season I will likely carry two of the following three, depending on course setup and amount of faith I happen to have in each one: (1) Sonartec MD 19* (2) Callaway X-Hybrid 21* (3) Nickent 5DX 24.5* The Nickent is due to arrive in a few days. Definitely looking forward to seeing it!
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