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Just got my second set in 13 years.
I picked up some Mizuno Mp-57s and Eidolon wedges this past month. A very nice upgrade over my 13 year old Silver Scot 845s!
Bethpage Black. US Open Course for 50 bucks!
Golf Magazine has an article reviewing the best 18 courses in the US: http://www.golf.com/golf/special/art...843994,00.html What is the point of having this list? Only three of the courses can be played by the general public and those cost over $300 per round! I find it frustrating and a bit condescending that they keep coming up with these types of lists that serve only to make the private club members feel good about themselves (like they need it) and make the...
I'm a fan of Spook Rock. It's around 20 miles north of the GWB (up the Palisades and then off the NYS Thruway).
I felt the Callaway War Bird in my bag was a bit dated.
Director of Operations for two startup companies - One is a medical device company while the other is an organic baby food company.
I currently use a 56* SW with 15* of bounce. I'm in the process of upgrading my set and think the next SW will have 10* of bounce. I play NYC public courses that generally have very little sand in the bunkers. And, if they do have sand, it's usually quite hard. If I was playing in fluffier sand, I'd definitely go with 12-15* of bounce.
I'm still waiting for the first one. Who knows, maybe it will be on a par 3... :)
I was playing yesterday and we discussed this exact subject. We agreed that we love it because we get to hang out with 3 friends in a beautiful environment playing a game that is full of surprises. Love it.
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