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Anyone else notice the R9 under Paddy's headcover?
It's not the club!
Stupid game. I've managed to get my Index down to 10.7. First 3 rounds of July: 79, 81, 79. Last 4 rounds: 98, 97, 94, 97. Guess which 3 count.
Condoms...You never know.
Years ago, while playing to a 12, I shot an ugly 46 on the front nine. I told my partners I was skipping the back and going home to nap. They convinced me to stay. I shot 33 on the back.
Sounds like that if everyone is not keeping track then it would easy to get "pencil whipped".
My answer is "Yes & No" No, if by "belonging" to a course means you get special privaleges at a semi-private. My experience is that you are still faced with difficulty getting tee times, (especially on weekends) closely spaced tee times (creating traffic jams), and the dreaded "Outing". Most semi-private courses agressively market themselves to corporate and charity groups. Our local semi-private is closed to the public (including members) two or three days a week...
Three others in my foursome plus the foursome on the next tee which overlooks the Par 3 green.
Got my first hole-in-one today. 120 yards to the pin, hit a gap wedge. Shot 79 with 3 doubles and two 3 putt bogies. Not bad for a 11.5 index. Had to tell someone.
Only a two possibilities (assuming it stayed in the water): 1) He hits it out of the water. 2) He keeps score like my neighbor.
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