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So Stupid...(continued) - 3 or 4 Driver - Always finish with a few sand or lob wedges half or 3/4 swing to slow things down !!! Don't forget to putt!!!
Sorry... - Stretch - 6 PW's - 6 7's - 6 4's - 2 or 3 hybreds - 2 or 3 fairway woods -
Only to warm up, not to work on stuff. Here's my program: - Stretch - 6 (or so) PW's - 6 7 irons -
Amen, brother.
Perhaps the Williamsburg guys were in a bad mood because their club was recently sold and will be closed. It will reopen as a semi-private...maybe you can go play there and be rude for revenge. I'd like to go on record and state that you will find no snobs at Cedar Point in Suffolk which is currently holding a very attractive membership drive. I assure you that you will face none of the issues you complain about.
I'll bet you a dollar to a donut that Tiger wouldn't use one without the endorsement deal.
Great idea. Also check with your course(s) if they have regulary scheduled blitz. Typically, different skill levels show up, accomodations are made for skill level, stakes are low, and you meet a bunch of people. Some will become good golf buddies. At my club we have a blitz every day except Wednesday...when we have two.
At one time we did. It seems to be disappearing as we move along. Currently, our new Miss California is close to losing her crown for voicing her opinion on gay marriage. It matters not that it is the same opinion as stated by then candidate Obama. I, for one, am pullling for Feherty.
My wife and I both have concealed carry permits. We carry: H&K USP Compact 9mm Glock 19 9mm Ruger LCP 380 S&W Hammerless 38
Wholesale clubs like BJ's, Sam's Club, & Costco. Name brand stuff at about half price...everyday. Ask yourself this: "Do you really care if you have to try on shorts in public?" Hint: wear underwear.
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