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Augusta National
1996 in a club tournament at Spanish Trail (Las Vegas). The second hole is a dogleg right par 5. Water all down the right side and front of green. I hit Driver, 5 Wood to within 12 feet. Putting for eagle. Instead, adrenalin took over and I 6 putt for an 8.
Regarding Nike contracts; has anyone noticed that Tigers wears a sized to fit cap while the other Nike players wear the adjustable kind like us mere mortals?
With alcohol comes responsibility. It's something that can get away from you (particularly you younger guys) in a hurry. That said, I'm a pragmatist and know sometimes we have a little too much and end up hungover. Try this cure; 2 Tylenol & a "Pink Cloud" For you youngsters out the a Pink Cloud is equal parts Pepto Bismol and gin.
A pencil.
In the mid-90's I had a guy work for me that spent spent 3 years on the Nike (now Natiowide) Tour. Playing with him was truly humbling...and he had no shot.
I've been using Nicorette gum for about 7 years (It's a 6 week program). During my annual physical I told my doctor that I was going to start smoking so I could quit the gum.
So much for iron covers. Anyone ever had to have their ball retriever regripped?
I notice that some of you use iron covers to reduce chatter. We've already given up the sound of real spikes on the cart path. Sometimes I miss real golf.
Tubes will cause your grips to wear faster.
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