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Get yourself invited to a VIP hospitality suite on the 18th green. There's typically free food, open bar, and shelter.
I have lived my life by a few simple rules: 1) Do what you say your going to do. 2) If someone offers you a breath mint, take it. 3) Life is too short to wear cheap shoes. That said, I recently found a great deal. I have a white and a black pair of Dryjoys. The model I wear lists for $170 and typically sells for $140. I wanted an extra pair of whites for summer (I play 4-5 times a week). I went to "Golfshoesonly.com" and looked at their "Blemish" section. The...
Timely subject. I'm in my 50's. Until 1998 I played with contacts. Then I paid $4,000 for Lasik surgery (I know it's cheaper now). I was told the fix was permanent. This week I had to get glasses(what is permanent anyway?). I ordered Transition lenses. We'll see...no pun intended.
And let's not forget that they improve manufacturer & retailer profits.
I was 5 over through 14 holes (not bad for my Index). On 15 I was middle of fairway/165 to pin. Finished DB, DB, DB, DB...85.
Is it my imagination or did Boo gain more weight over the holidays than I did?
Back in the 90's I switched from graphite shafts on my irons to steel. Since then, I can always tell how well I hit the ball now from my elbow. If I hit it pure, fine. If I mishit the ball my elbow hurts that night. The docs will tell you rest is the best fix for tendonitis, but then you miss golf. Try Naproxian. I now have some tendonitis in my left knee (Right handed = left knee/right elbow) so I take a couple before I play and a couple after. It helps.
My club has a 2 part rule for playing the senior tees: 1) Minimum age of 70 2) Combination of age + handicap must equal a minimum of 85.
Hey Rock, Where do you play in Las Vegas? I lived there in the 90's and was a member at Spanish Trail.
I'm not familiar with Umbrella. How does that go?
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