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I was just wondering how many of you play for money and, if so, what kind of stakes? To me, a little wager is a healthy thing. I'm in my 50's and retired so I play quite a bit. Here are my regular games and stakes: Tuesday Blitz: $5 Wednesday Blitz: $2 Thursday Blitz: $5 Friday Blitz: $2 Saturday Blitz: $10 (heavy) Sunday Blitz: $5 The Wednesday & Friday's are run by our pro shop on a points/quota system with any winnings going to pro shop...
Each hole on the card is assigned a handicap. 1 being the hardest, 18 being the easiest. My question is, who assigns these handicaps?
I'm with glebert. A few years ago I switched from graphite to sttel on my irons. To this day, when I hit the ball well I have no problem. When I hit the ball poorly my elbow is really sore that night. I just got fitted for new irons and stuck with steel.
What did you shoot on the back? Oh, get over it. It was a joke. Congrats.
I belong to a private club where most people walk. To solve the divot mix problem we have heavy duty neoprene footlockers at the first, tenth, and a couple other tees. In the lockers are divot mix and empty GatorAde bottles. Fill a bottle with mix, put it in a pocket on your bag and you're ready to go. Include such a suggesstion in your letter and turn a negative complaint into a positive suggestion.
I keep mine warm with flannel boxers.
People who do not fill divots. I belong to a private club that gets much less play than any public course. Our course is closed until noon on Mondays. On a recent Monday about 12 of us volunteered for a "Divot Party". We started on #1 Tee and went through 18 holes and used over 400 pounds of divot mix. We have divot mix refill stations on #1, #3, #7, #10, #13, & #16.
Anyone using any tube bag needs to be prepared to replace a lot of grips. Stick with cutains.
"Men play golf because they don't hate themselves enough in their regular lives", Lewis Black.
New Posts  All Forums: