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My wife and I both a concealed carry permits. She carries: 1) Glock 19 2) S&W Hammerless Snub Nose 38 I carry: 1) H&K USP Compact 9mm 2) Ruger LCP 380 The Ruger is a recent purchase and is small enough to carry in yout pants pocket. I bought it not as a primary weapon, but as my "walk the dog" gun. It only weighs 9.4 ounces unloaded, holds 7 rounds, and I can shoot a 6" group at 11 yards. My next purchase is a Remington 860 12 guage shotgun with 18" barrel. Just a...
For me, when I buy a sand wedge the first thing I think about is how firm is the sand at my home course. My club has pretty firm sand so less bounce. Conversely, if your normal course has softer sand get a SW with more bounce. I hit my lob wedge (60 degree) mostly off turf and I use less bounce.
Anyone have any experience with this product? Kind of interesting...no downloads, no annual fee, etc.
Timeline: 1996 Place: Number 2, Par 5, Lakes Course, Spanish Trail, Las Vegas, NV Event: Presidents Cup Situation: Dogleg right, water down the right to the green. Water front & right of green. My Plight: Hit a great drive, center of fairway. Decided to go for it. Must carry 210 yards to green. Result: Beautiful 5 wood to within 12 feet. However: Too excited. 6 putt for a Snowman.
I'm with Longshanks. I joined a club about four months ago and couldn't have been made to feel more welcome. This in spite of my 15 year old clubs, a swing that hadn't seen action in 10 years, and Sam's Club wardrobe. Not to plug my club (Cedar Point, Suffolk, VA) but the staff there go out of their way to be friendly. One really nice thing is the many tournaments they run. In nearly all cases the pro shop does the pairings, even for team events, in order that members...
I have a neighbor who has Tiger everything. I've played with him twice in recent weeks. In addition to the red shirt and black pants (shorts). He has Nike clubs, bag, shoes, and apparel. The only un-Tiger is he wears sunglasses backwards on his TW hat. By the way, he's 62.
Scotty Cameron "LaCosta" vintage 1995. One of the first six putters Scotty made for Titleist and the rarest with only 3,000 made. Still use the original headcover. I keep a bottle of baby oil in my locker and rub down the putter head weekly.
Not to worry. Once Barry (oh yeah, Barack) is in office with a Democratic congress all of your golf courses will be treated "naturally". That is until they are plowed under to make way for Section 8 housing or to save the North American Tailless Squirrel. Note to Jet Fan 1983: Buy some Nicoret gum...stop smoking. As an ex-smoker I can tell you the gum works. I'm now 7 years into their 6 week program. In June I told my doctor I'm going to start smoking so I can...
And remember, don't give up. As I read in another thread recently, it takes longer to master golf than it does to become a brain surgeon.
I have/had a set of these years ago with steel shafts. I loaned them to my brother-in-law three years ago. He seems to have forgotten.
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