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If you can afford it, private is the way to go. Many benefits , but here are a few questions you might ask (diplomatically). 1) Is club currently profitable? Clubs in the red can turn ugly. 2) Are there any pending assessments? I failed to ask this once and within six months got an assessment of several thousand dollars for a clubhouse remodel. 3) How much outside play do they allow? See #1, if they need cash they may schedule a lot of outside tournaments to raise...
I should have stopped by this trip instead of getting spanked at the yearling sale.
My wife and I had to travel from Smithfield, VA to Lexington, KY on 9/19 and return on 9/21. Stuck in the car for 10 hours at a stretch prevented us from watching the Ryder Cup on TV. However, we have XM satellite radio in the car and got to listen to live coverage on channel 146. I don't want to sound like an advertisement for XM, but those guys did a great job. In some ways their descriptions of the action was more exciting than TV. I was wondering if anyone else...
I can almost understand leaving a wedge behind greenside. How can youy leave a driver on a tee box? Hate to say it but, maybe this is a lesson well learned.
Why do you want to beat your boss? If you have a good reason, i up through 18 is as far as I'd push it.
Can I use the same oil I use on my guns?
I have a Scotty Cameron LaCosta that I use 3 or 4 times a week. It was in storage for about 10 years but now back in service. Should I oil the putter head to maintain its finish? If so, what should or shouldn't I use? The pro at my club that he had a freiend who had one and put something on it that removed the black finish.
When, after a few holes, your opponent is getting the better of you, ask him/her, "Do you inhale or exhale on your backswing?" Works most every time. If not, remark while he's on the tee, "Isn't it amazing how your shadow never seems to bother you?"
Okay, two stories: About 12 years ago, playing to a 12 handicap with my regular group, I shot a 46 on the front nine. I was pretty disgusted and told my guys I was going to skip the back, go home, and nap. They talked me into staying. I shot 33 on the back. Second story. About 10 years ago I gave up the game. I returned this June, joined a club, and established an 18 handicap. I signed up for our club championship in August. The first day I played with 3 members...
Step 1: Push
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