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I played to an 18 handicap in our recent Club Championship. On the front 9 of the first round I three putt the 9th green for a 37 (par 36). I had only recently joined the club and was playing with 3 guys I'd never met. The further we went into the front 9, the more I sensed they felt I was a sandbagger. After a 48 on the back nine they were friendly again.
Tom Kite and Vijay didn't do too badly with glasses.
I carry a Scotty Cameron La Costa which I really like. Not a single 3 putt in my last three rounds. I've had it since 1995 and have actually considered putter shopping...just to get something new. After play today I Googled my putter. I had no idea it was so rare. It's one of the initial seven models Cameron made for Titleist and the rarest; only 3000 made. Average trade-in on the PGA site is $214. There are 2 on E-Bay for considerably more. Now I love the putter I...
The new clubs part was a joke. The rest is sad and true.
I'm a 15 handicap and can pretty much count on shooting mid to high 80's. If I shoot 90+ I consider it a bad day. I played this morning as part of my normal group. I'm not big on warming up so I only spent a few minutes on the range. I hit 3 or 4 pitching wedges, ditto for 8 and 4 irons. All pure. I hit 3 drivers all down the middle. Then off to the first tee. I proceeded to hit my drive right, into the trees, and under a shrub...double bogey. On number 2 I...
Chilli Dipper's right. But, Obama also puts gas in his SUV and that doesn't stop him from villianizing the oil companies.
In his convention speech last night Fred Thompson said she was the only candidate from either party who could field dress a moose. Better watch out for Obama guys. He, and his environmentalist buddies, could easily declare golf courses as environmentally insensitive...too many chemicals, waste of water. etc. And just think about how much Section 8 housing you could put on the typical 18 hole track.
I keep mine in storage at my club. A small tip after each round assures that they are clean and ready for my next round. One downside though. Recently a new attendant brought up my wife's bag (powder blue print, girlie headcovers, etc.) upon which I heard a fellow player proclaim, "Nice bag, RD".
What about the infamous "Texas Rule"?
I've been a member at 4 private clubs around the country over the years. I recently joined Cedar Point CC in Suffolk, VA. It's the first club I've belonged to that allows walking. They have available "speed" push carts that allow one to walk and not be limited to a light weight carry bag. As for speed of play I see little difference. Plus, being a mid-capper I don't have to carry half my clubs with me to the area around the green. No worries about the 90 degree rule...
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