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I don't think the range in the poll was realistic, particularly for this forum. Over 52% in the $201 category is proof. Those spending less than $200 arn't following "Sand Trap." As for me dues at my club are $400 per month, carts are $15/round, speed carts (my preference) are $3/round. It's easy to spend $600/month. But, like I tell my wife, I'm not chasing women.
I agree that other players affect your game. I have one friend that I play with only occasionally. His swing is nearly as bad as Barkley's. I tend to turn my back until his ball is airborne. I sometimes also have difficulty with lefties. Anyone else?
No animals in this one. Early one Saturday morning we were teeing off on the old Tropicana course in Las Vegas. My friend Jack had been partying all night and showed up just in time to tee off. He tees it up and lets it rip. He hits a low burner left into the Ladies Tee marker. It bounces straight back, Jack catches it left handed on the fly and re-tees.
I have a three step routine for this: 1) Bounce it once 2) Bend over 3) Pick it up
We didn't want to play through because I was treating my nephew to a birthday round. He only gets to play 3 or 4 times a year and was having his own problems (from the whites). I'm kind of sorry I started this thread. I meant to show no animosity to the fivesome in front. I don't care if they play the Blues. They can play the Blacks for all I care. My only intent was to express my opinion that they may have had a more enjoyable day had they moved forward a bit. I AM...
I'll bet you were entitled to relief under the abnormal groung rule. Kind of like Sergio got on the second playoff hole at Barclays.
A few years ago, while playing to a 12 handicap, I shot an ugly 46 on the front. I was so disgusted I told my buddies I was going to skip the back nine and go home and nap. They convinced me to keep going. I shot a career best 33 on the back for a "smooth" 79.
I guess I'm lucky. I store my clubs at my course. After each round I give them to the attendant along with 5 bucks. When I next show up they sparkle.
Live to play golf in 2009.
What did you shoot? Did she beat you?
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