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Harry Longshanks is the only guy that gets it! He gets the prize. I wasn't in any way complaining about the group up front...and NO, there was no one backed up behind us. My point was (pay attention here guys) that these guys would, in all probability had more fun and better stories to tell had they played from the whites. My favorite response was the guy that said I must be "under 30" and thus bashing the older guys. I'll be 59 in November. I gave up golf in 1998...
I'll be 59 in November.
Yesterday afternoon I played at my club. The course was wide open for our 11:40 start. After several holes we caught up with a fivesome (which we shouldn't allow but we do). This group of 30 - somethings were all decked out with the latest gear; clubs, bags, apparel. The only way to describe their play is awful. To a man I don't think they made a really good shot. To their credit they offered to let us play through, but we were in no hurry (and it wasn't a bad...
To stay focused and relaxed during a round I silently whistle a tune around the course. Lately I'm doing "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty.
Not necessarily golf related, but: 1) People who constantly tell you how hard they're working. 2) A waitress who tells you it's her first day.
In the 1990's I lived in Las Vegas and belomnged to Spanish Trail. Among our members then: Andre Agassi, Greg Mattox, Robert Goulet, Smokey Robinson. I once got paired with Joe Pesci who was playing as a guest.
I'm RMD in Smithfield, VA. I played a lot of golf while living in Las Vegas in the 1990's. I gave up the game in 1998. I recently got excited about playing again. Believing that anything worth doing is worth overdoing, I joined a private club before playing a single round. I don't work so I've been playing 3 to 4 tmes a week and carry an index of 15.2. Two weeks ago I played in our club championship as a way to meet other members. I ended up missing my flights low...
New Posts  All Forums: