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I voted "never drink on the course", but then again, I never drink off the course either...
I think the bolded part below is supposed to be "putt".
My brother has a good short game, all his putts seem to go in. So I like to say my favorite line from Happy Gilmore. "You will not make this putt....... Jackass!"
Just a little update... my wife is now insisting I go to this tourney. Guess it really does pay to be upfront and honest. She has supported me 100% since I started playing, she is awesome!
Thats what we had to do with my brothers friend. He is a ball hunter. He will spend as much time as he can searching for a lost ball. After the first time, I got the timer out. As soon as he started looking I started it, and at 5 minutes I would offer him a new ball from my bag. He never accepted, but it made him give up the search.
I dont want to derail your tread... but this is perfect timing for this topic! My brother calls me on wednesday and says he found another tournament for us to enter (4 man scramble, love em). Only downside, I find out its on October 4th, my wedding anniversary. I tell him it its really doubtful, but I'll see how it goes. Suddenly I find myself stuck in a sitcom. What would Raymond do? He would try and go, and wind up in the dog house, thats what. So I tell my bro to...
I am 33 and I also started this year. My brother has been playing for the last 15 years or so, and for the last 3 years I had been telling him I wanted to try it, but with our schedules we never could find the time. About 2 months ago he called me and asked if I still wanted to try golf. He said he needed a 4th for a scramble. It was already paid for so I went. I had a blast. I have since bought my own clubs and have been hitting the driving range at least once a week. I...
The scramble I was in last month had a $15,000 prize for a hole in one on a par 3. That hole has an elevated, very sloped green.
I haven't played golf with him, but the most unique golfer I have ever met has to be the guy that runs the driving range near my parents house. I have been there about a dozen times now, and every single time he is drunk. Friday at 1 pm? Drunk. Sunday at 3:30pm? Drunk. And my all time favorite..... Wednesday at 9:45 am..... Drunk. That takes a special kind of dedication.
I have about 20 in there now, I hope that will be enough (going to be playing my first real round on the 26th)
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