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Luke Donald -10 Jonas Blixt -10 Roberto Castro -10
    Looks like a new plaque may be needed.   Wonderful pics.  It's going to take me a day to get through them all.  I just got my ticket in the mail Monday and can't wait to see it in person on Sunday!
Matt Kuchar -6 David Toms -6
Matt Kuchar -8 Darren Clarke -8
1.  Tiger Woods -5 2.  Steve Stricker -5 3.  Tim Clark  -5
Last year I made it a point to stop getting super angry at golf.  This was after I witnessed a friend snap a 6 iron in half on his bag after chucking it towards his bag.  I also lost a 3 wood in this manner.  It's just golf after all.  Since I decided this I have a hard time even trying to get mad on the course.  Playing for money (small money in my case, that I could easily afford to lose) I find no point in getting too angry after a shot.  Notice too angry.  I'll still...
Martin Kaymer -9 K.J. Choi -9 Tim Clark -9
1.) Charl Schwartzel -6 2.) Shaun Micheel -6 3.) Kyle Stanley -6
I have grown to like the ones either on the side of or in the middle of the fairway as long as they are accurate.  The blue, white, red stakes or half domes work well enough for me.  The one thing I hate is hunting for the hundred yard marker.  Basically anything accurate and easily findable.  The best thing I've seen is two markers on either side of the fairway.  When you make a straight line between them anything on that line is a straight line yardage to the center of...
I've always liked "chirping" - on the green with a look at birdie; and "dancing" for when I get it on the green.
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