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Royal Links is an absolutely amazing golf course. Its modeled after some excellent European holes and it does a great job at remaking them. Great shape, you can get a caddie if you like. I HIGHY recommend it, as he did wonder's for our group and was always on top of where to hit it, how to hit it, and he knew where everybody's ball was, even if you didn't. Great course!
You MUST ask permission from the courses. Its private property and you can get nailed for trespassing. The courses won't just "let" you dive in for free though. Often times, you have to pay THEM per ball you collect. Sometimes, you can get away with giving them a certain amount of balls back in return for diving rights. I was a certified diver for some time and had been on many dives before attempting hazard diving. It is considered the most dangerous type of...
Yeah I dove for them. Most of them Im guessing can be cleaned by methods mentioned above. But some of them have discoloring due to being in the mud. I know this stuff comes off, because I can scrape it off with my fingernail, but Im not going to have fingers left If I attempt that method on 10,000 golf balls. If I can find an efficient method of cleaning them, you bet I'll sell them back on here at some pretty good prices!
I have emailed 4 different distributors now. Closest one is in Iowa. I will wait till Monday Im assuming to receive a reply. If I can get a good method to clean all these balls, I would love to sell them back to my fellow golfers and very competitive price.
This may be a long shot as Im not so sure many will have much knowledge on the subject, but here it goes. As of recent, I have been diving for balls in the water hazards at my local courses and some around the area. I have accumulated a very large amount of golf balls. I was just giving them back to the courses in return for season passes, range passes, etc. Well, I am at my limit. The courses have way more balls than they will need and I have season passes to like...
www.lostgolfballs.com End of story!!! I've been ordering from that site for 2 years now. 1st quality ProV1's look, play, and feel like brand new balls. The 2nd quality balls are mostly only 2nd quality because they have a logo of some sort on them. RARELY any kind of scuff or bruise or even a mark. I buy the second quality and cannot honestly tell between a new ProV1 and a 2nd quality ProV1 from lostgolfballs.com.
Another vote for SuperQuad here. I love that club!!!
I haven't gotten around to putting them on Ebay yet, so you're in luck. I Pm'd you.
Thats still a really good deal on a set with those shafts in them. No worries though! You will like that iron/shaft combo. Great setup. Well, I will give it a couple more days on here then just put em up on Ebay and see what happens. Have fun and happy golfing!
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