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I wouldn't call them the poor man's ProV... I have used them in the past several times after finding them out on the course (a bad golfer at the course must have been using them as I found a bunch), and they are decent. But I thought they didn't have too much feel and were a little harder than I like. However, I have never played a brand new one before, so take that with a grain of salt.
I have been having some pretty terrible iron play this season (only got to play about 5 times....ugh) and spent the last week at the range figuring out what was wrong. Well I think I got it figrued out and I went and played 9 holes. Turns out I did figure it out. I hit almost every GIR and if it wasn't for my putting (left 4 easy birdie puts short by 2-3") I would have broken par. As it was, I shot 4 over on 9 and came in at 39 for the round. Anyway, just had to...
I am looking to purchase a Diablo driver online (cheaper than local) and do not really know what shaft stiffness to get. I hit my 7 iron just short of 150 yards and I use a regular steel shaft on my irons if that helps. Thanks for any input, JR
Well I will be there Saturday and not Monday, but hopefully it will be a good showing. I always feel the last day is the most interesting, but it should still be a good time. I think Phil will have a good round (hopefully), but there are a lot of players in this that are more than capable of pulling off a victory.
510 yard par 5 dogleg right with a fairway-width pond 20 yards short of the green. Had a decent first shot about 230 with my 3hybrid (driver issues lately). Attempted to lay-up short of the water on the second shot and chunked it. I was then about 160-165 yards out, hit a solid 5I and stuck it within 2 feet of the hole for a tap in birdie.
Well I have been having a little off time from my drive over the last year and have been using a 2i off the T instead. For some reason my iron play is much much better than my driver. I just cannot hit that thing. When I do, it doesn't really add much distance over my 2i...so I stick with what is more consistant. That said, I am going to a lesson tomorrow to go over my driver swing since I think the driver is a necissary club to master.
I got a set of i5s last year. I got a chance to swing the G5s and like them too. I just got the i5s at a much better price at the time so I went with those. I am sure you will like the G5s!
26 and carry. I will take a cart on a weekend 18 sometimes if my friends want to. If it is up to me though...I carry.
I second the suggestion to get some good used or discontinued clubs at your local pro shop. I picked up a set of ping i5 irons at the beginning of last season (my first year) for about $275 new. Ping stopped making the i5 that year, so they were clearing them out. If you look around you should be able to find some good deals. Also try play it again sports or a similar place. You can find some deals every now and then there as well. Maybe craigslist too... Good...
Hmmm maybe I don't even need lessons. I have always just put the club down behind the ball and pushed as fast as I could forward. I will have to try to bring the club back next time I am at the range...might save me a ton of money on lessons. -JR
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