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As long as McBush and Bible Spice don't win, we'll be alright.
I'm sure that looks go far into who they select, but look at Lori from BB. I would call her far from "fetching".
Ian Poulter has great style.
It depends. How well can you hit a 3 or 4 iron? I can't hit them very well that's why I love having my hybrids.
Where in Columbus are you from? I live in Grove City and work in Hilliard.
They were talking about on ESPN today how Sam Bradford's (Oklahoma QB) parents would drop him off in the morning and pick him up at night and they would play 110 holes of golf.
You'll never catch me in red, ever. I hate OSU so much that I even hate the colors. Go Blue.
Everyone needs to get off their high horse. Nothing he said was making fun of the kid or the US. He's just saying it's different in his country. I agree with him. I think having your name on the side would be goofy and I would never accept a bag with my name plastered on it. I think you'd have to have a very big ego, and that's something I don't care for.
If it's a dogleg then it's not actually 342 to the green. It's 342 from the tee box to the center of the fairway at the dogleg to the center of the green. I assume you know this, but just so you don't think you hit the ball 342 yards. lol Great shot nonetheless. It'd be hard to tell actually how far it is from the teebox to the green without actually seeing the hole.
If you are hitting the ball 260-300, which is very hard to believe and I doubt it. A senior flex is a bad shaft for you. You should be hitting with a stiff flex, at least with the kind of carry you are talking about.
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