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golf's hard enough w/o worrying about some cork-sniffers house....thats' why I prefer to do woodworking..less stress
 how come I hear noone saying these same things about Zach Johnson/K.J.Choi/others who've openly given Thanks after a Victory ???? huh ???????? Bubba is not alone in his beliefs, and that's why he/they will ALWAYS be sucessful on/off the course. Bubba is Bubba, and I like that.
talk about oxymoron??
you have a right to your belief, that does NOT make it correct. When you PROVE that mankind was made from the "Big Bang", then you'll have my attention. AFAIC, that theory takes more "faith" than what I've stated.!
  I can track my shots with a yard stik....
Opequon Country Club went under last yr.....
  yep,but some think they're close,tho....
hmmm... must be the only Mountaineer here.....thanks for the invite, and welcome any/all for a round here in WV(Eastern Panhandle).. we have a few nice courses locally: The Woods/Locust Hills/Sleepy Hollow and my Favorite Cacapon State Park..very loooong,a Robert Trents Jones, Sr. golf course. very nice. Thanks once again
people lie, or exagerate, due to one reason: self importance. Some call it ego,but it's the same. "Don't think more highly of yourself (or your results) than you ought to" .....sound advice from 2000 yrs ago. honesty and integrity are the ultimate assets to posses, even beyond the ability to hit 300 yd drives.   it' really is a Spiritual issue.
  age has alot to do with it as well....younger folks learn quicker,can adapt quicker,and have more energy to play. as one who never picked up a club until my late 40s, i can say, without reserve, that younger = better..show me one Pro,including Champions Tour, that started in their 40s... won't happen. 
New Posts  All Forums: