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I have sat tv now for 1st time ever....saved alot of money over the past 30 years!!  as for GC, it's in a higher cost package that I will NOT buy. I've watched GC @ my brothers house before, and was not impressed with it AT ALL. it's pay-for TV that isn't worth the money...sorta like most of this low-end sat tv,,utterly worthless. I'd rather read a good book about golf/golfers,of which there are many.   it's 3* this morning,and my golf balls are under a foot of snow........
Thanks for your service,my friend..and IIRC, Tiger trained w/ the 82nd  for 2 weeks back a few years?? that wasn't exactly summer camp...all that helpsto develope a strong mind.
what explains that is using a driver off the tees, just because the others did,instead of playing smart with irons and playing in the short grass. be to be fair, I haven't played but 1 round in over 1.5 yrs(and that was a scramble)... i wont play again until i know where the balls going(most of the time). I've worn out 2 nets, 3 mats,and a grassless patch in my yard. I hit balls every day, regardless of weather.(ever hit @ 5 AM on a 20* mornin?..it'll wake ye up!!). I...
what he endured(at his own hands) would have crushed many,many "ordinary" men. the pressure brought to bear by his sponsors,especially those he lost, is beyond what most could comprehend. His Elitist status was placed upon him at a very young age by his father, molded over a very long time. That was very hard armour to wear down, most don't have that time -encrusted advantage. He's a lucky man, that he didn't end up on the wrong end of criminal activity doing what he was...
..am I the only lover here? great clubs, and a total farce about them being un -hittable...plus you can get 'em pretty cheap!!
both are better sets than most start with... that said, it's the Indian, not the arrow.
it's all in YOUR mind...nothing to do with partners/weather/even rub of the green.. wither you play THAT particular round scoring-minded, or you play it socially-minded...can't be both, or you'd see the Pros smoking and joking on Tour...they don't. YOU must decide before you roll outta bed which it's gonna be......anything more than that is nothing that military basic training won't cure, much less AIT.
rotate around an imaginary steel rod running thru your spine...do not sway
New Posts  All Forums: