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Course management is of course key. As someone who is working diligently on thier game I understand as I am sure that you do as well golf is a game of managed misses. That being said, if I need to lay up again I agree to play to one distance (45y is my prefered layup) however, given my ability that can easily become 60y or 30y (though the range is getting smaller) also on a course that I am not familiar with I may forget to factor in elevation changes and the like that...
I carry 4 wedges: 47* PW 52* 56* 60* IMO having more wedges is simpler than having to focus on fine tuning distance control for a club or two. With four wedges full and half swings only I get the following distances: 125 110 100 85 75 60 45 30 If I just had PW and SW I would only have 125 100 75 45 All the rest of the distances would be a "guess" or "feel" shot. I am personally a lot more comfortable going 7 yards up or down feel wise (with 4 wedges) than 15 yards up...
I think because of the stack and tilt method the pro get me set up with for wedge shots they have not been affected much by this change. For some reason that set up caught the sweet spot and I was already close to the ball and pretty relaxed on those shots. In fact my 1/2 swing wedge is now much closer to 1/2 of the new full swing distances they play. I have not really tuned in 1/4 or 3/4 swings yet, so many things to work on so little time. -E
It was completely out of the blue, especially since the focus of the lesson was on the longer clubs I did not expect it in the irons. It was hard to trust at first... Really, I am not complaining though. (Even though it may have sounded like it) Just caught off guard and wondering if I am being teased and taunted by the game of golf. (Which I expect continuously) -E
As my swing becomes more efficient, I have gotten a few distance gains that I did not anticipate, while this is good in the long term it did cause havok in my game last Sunday. I have taken lessons this year about every 3 weeks since January. Swing is coming along quite nicely including some work on the short game. I had a lesson this past Saturday and I asked for focus on woods and hybrids due to a lot of contact off the toe, resulting in very low confidence overall....
Could you imagine the advantage that Tiger would have on the golf course if every golfer had to hit each and every shot of they play in his presence and with his media circus. He would definitely intimidate them quite a bit more and most likely take them out of contention. You get a top level player that thrives on competition, being able to go head to head with your opponent is a definite advantage for a "world's best." Regards, -E
Quite a few of the posters you are talking about are in the severe negative reputation from a toxic thread or two. There are a few people here as there are on any Internet forum that use their anoninimity to be jerks. After a bit of time you will notice who rubs you the wrong way and will just start to skip their posts as they typically add very little to the discussion, and their toxic comments often go ignored by the rest of the board.
A few quick notes: Hunting types are less accurate than golf types, if you read the specs Pinseeker, is about the best invention/code ever thought of If you use the search function you can find quite a few posts here that have discussed this ad nauseum.
1. Absolutely get a gps or other electronic distance measuring tool. The sooner you have a good idea of how far each club goes and you have confidence looking at a distance and going "Yep, easy 7-iron" the sooner you will score better. 2. Frogger golf makes an awesome ball towel and regular golf towel and brush for that matter. www.froggergolf.com The towels are a little spendy, but worth it. Regards, -E
If the "pro" is a PGA pro then he had to play a player apptitude test. IIRC you have to be something like a 2.x index to pass that test. Can't find the link at the moment though. Regards, -E
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