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On a half or 1/4 pitch I set about 65% - 75% of weight on front leg and keep it there through the swing. (Very stack and tiltish for these shots) I narrow up my stance to less than shoulder width. I set the ball in the middle of my stance. I set my hands at the inside of my front leg. Make a good turn and go pick up the divot, then putt. FWIW, -E
So if you chip in to save par, you don't count that as an up and down? So in scorecard would you just mark that as "blank" for the U/D attempt, or would you mark it as unsuccessful even though you saved par? Forget it, I misread the OP 3 times. Each time I missed the "you sink your next putt bit." I will have to mark myself as "Fail" in reading comprehension -E
I believe that my IQ is now lower.
I don't think it is the calories that need to be worried about! Blood flow may be an issue soon.
In evaulating right vs. wrong in the black and white sense that some have suggested that is the nature of this post, you have to consider the extremes of the scenerio. For instance in the newspaper industry, many larger newspaper companies came to a town and offered very cheap advertising rates for business. They would produce the paper at a loss in that market while they starved out the competing locally owned newspaper. Once the local paper was out of business the...
I am going to say take one shot at a time. I am sure you have heard it before, but here is what it had meant to me when I am playing better, and I have only had glimpses prior to this. For me: It means forgetting about your last shot, it is in the past good or bad. It means forgetting about the next shot you are going to make, you don't know what this result is going to be yet. It means don't worry about your score with respect to par, or with respect to anything else...
Having a sense of the distance is important to a good golf game but it comes with time. After you stand over a 135y approach shot enough times you start to get a pretty good feel for the distance based on several sub-concious visual clues. This ability is not inate as some other posters may have implied. It has either come from practicing to a known distance, playing with more experienced golfers till they got the knack for it, or for the less number oriented folk it...
You should have run up to the goose in the bunker screaming at the top of your lungs "Don't you dare take my ball or I will turn you into a down pillow!" I don't think that anyone would have doubted that you were virtually certain of what happened to your ball after those theatrics. [/SARCASM]
Playing a 9-hole round is like taking your sister to prom. -E
Hawk's View http://www.hawksviewgolfclub.com/com....php#scorecard Play in a charity outing there every year, nice course and well maintained. Geneva national http://www.genevanationalresort.com/....php?page_id=1 Have not played any of the courses here but it is supposed to be some of the best in that area. The Brute http://www.grandgeneva.com/Golf_Spa_...f/golf_course/ Again have not played here yet, but it is a scheduled 'sick' day from work this...
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