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Macallan 18 year is my regular, the 30 year is a nice treat. Balvenie Doublewood is another favorite. -E
I think another aspect here to making birdies is to have a realistic expectation of what a birdie hole is for you. If you go out to every hole that you can hit a GIR, it does not mean it is really a convertable birdie opportunity (ie the chance is too small to have a realistic expectation). What I am getting at is perhaps planning on the holes where you have a 9I or less to the green as holes where birdie comes into play could affect the number made. If you have...
I know what you mean I make simple math errors when drinking all the time. -E
My courage runs out typically at a forced carry of 215 yards. If the score for the round is already shot seems that I can carry 240, however an attempt at that distance when the round is going well will pretty much guaranty me a double bogey or worse. -E
I can understand being discouraged somewhat after taking lessons and practicing. As your swing comes along each club will start to feel better and be more consistent. Having regular lessons since January of this year it feels like I should be playing much better by now. It is really just a function of time in and reinforcing good habits, and being able to identify and weed-out the bad habits when they pop back up. In January I had an overly long swing that came...
I think there is a rule of thumb on sand shot distances something like 1/3 of your normal shot distance if you are striking the sand 2-4 inches behind the ball. Perhaps someone else can confirm, it was something I read a while back and have not done much practice from the sand yet. Regards, -E
While most talk about visualization, I find that in my pre-shot routine I need to have some audiolizations to help my visualization. While standing behind the ball I talk to myself about the ball flight, trajectory, landing area and the swing that makes it. Seems I can't really do it silently. Sometimes after a few bad swings I give myself a mini pep talk, focusing on several swing ideas and running through them so I can be target focused on my actual swings. If...
Why oh why after numerous lessons does it still take time to adjust on the course to make better scores? Why is golf so painfully addicting? To the OP: Mostly Ego, for all of them, except why you made the post, for that one sometimes it is good to state rhetorical questions on a public forum. -E
You can turn the rubber mounted part that you put up to your eye to focus the unit. Most of the time I just adust mine for inside 100 yards, but if I shoot something further out then it is out of focus. Contacts should not be a problem. -E
I would be concerned about the gap between your 1-iron and 3-iron. Hitting the 1-iron 2200 yards farther than the 3-iron suggests that you are clearly not swinging hard enough with your shorter clubs. -E
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