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I have never had any, however I went to visit the inlaws in Florida this past week and my father in law now has had 3. LUCKY B*STARD. LOL. I think that he really is that good and will probably have more aces.
I got a SCOTTY FUTURA PHANTOM at the begining of the year and I love it. I just wish that I had played more this summer. I still have a month and a half to play, and I am going to golf a lot more in that time. I hope that you love your SCOTTY.
Mine would be a tie between the CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA FUSION FT-3 that I got a few years ago and my TITLEIST SCOTTY CAMERON FUTURA PHANTOM PUTTER that I just got a few weeks ago.
I need to get some driving range practice in to get my drives straightened out. Wish me luck.
The coolest creature that I have ever seen was an alligator. I was Playing in Florida with my father in law and him and his buddies were telling me about the gators on the course we were going to. I thought that they were teasing and full of , however at about the seventh hole I hit my ball over an elevated green and as I went over the green to find my ball, it was sitting about 20 feet from a gator. I ran picked up my ball and ran away as fast as I could. They were all...
I tried the dominant eye theory today. I am right handed, however left eye dominant. This has posed a problem with putting in the past. Today, instead of fighting it I tried to use it to my advantage. I took your advice and it worked. I never more than 2 putted all day and the alignment was perfect almost everytime, I would have had even less putts, but I am still getting used to my new putter. I used it to hit down on the ball, too. It took me a few holes to get used to...
I have stupid question. When people say they hit the ball "fat or thin" what do they mean?
WOW, that is a lot of info to take in and to analyze, however it does make sense.
I can't remember how to hit the ball with my wedge to make it land on the green and stop or roll back. I Had learned how to do this at the end of last year. I forget if I am supposed to divot before striking the ball or after, or pinch the ball. I was stopping the ball pretty good last year, however with the long winter, I can't remember how I was striking the ball. Help please.
I have another question. Are the collectable putters that much better than a normal putter or are they just more rare? And do these guys play with these mega expensive putters or are they all show?
New Posts  All Forums: