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Just got the word today, she'll be getting her 4th phone since she got these things around the start of the year.
Yep - I took my good friend in three times in one month for replacement Verizon phones.
Alright, I'm getting pretty confused. I have a few questions: I worked three jobs through college, hopping on the city bus to get to my afternoon job teaching, caught a ride with a co-worker over to my evening job, then walked to the bar I tended until 3 am, then caught my way home, starting at nine am in the morning walking and busing to classes. Of my state school. Then, just to really get the taxpayers, I took some money from the state from a program to get the...
Getting over a bad shot, definitely. Teeing up and driving well after a bad hole. Getting out of bad putting slumps - since you really can't putt angry. Convincing myself I might be ok, nay, maybe even good, even if I send a shot wayward. Has that EVER worked?
Oy, immts, I think a lot of folks are feeling pretty hurt to be asked to drop it. I wonder, is this a chicken and egg scenario...is the question of racism political or did it get political answers since I asked it in election season?
You may dare to ask, doesn't mean I will dare to answer.
A from-right-field attack on me? I'm perplexed as to both why that's necessary; and at the same time, with your sentence fragments, what you're getting at.
A lot of folks are throwing around the word "socialism" - everywhere these days - and they don't seem to have a grip on what it means. It's a word that stirs emotions in people, but you all probably know by now that I find emotional pleas to be a crutch when facts will do much more. Neither candidate is promoting "public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources" (definition of socialism). (Although buying mortgages, like some politicians...
Yeah, I know. I was p*ssed cause I thought of it before she was going to be VP. (We always knew she'd be picked.) I was the Statue of Liberty a couple years before 9/11, everyone jacked that costume idea from me, too. But at whatever rate, I'll be working that night, so I could just wear that costume for the whole time and not change when I'm done performing.What is your sister going to do?
New Posts  All Forums: