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I'd love to see you hit your putter 100 yards.I'm not saying I don't believe you can do it. I'm just saying I want to see it (because I think it would be hilarious).-Andrew
There's more than one school of thought on that subject (address position). Some teaching pros (the one I took my only lesson thus far from, for example) are of the school of thought that the swing becomes simpler and easier (more repeatable) if the position at address mimics the position at impact, so that the plane of the club doesn't have to be manipulated mid-swing. At impact, the momentum of the club mean the shaft is much more in line (looking down the line)...
Where do you live in Virginia? -Andrew
One thing that helped me when I was having issues with releasing the club inconsistently was to try to think of my hands as totally passive in the swing; the hands obviously move, but only as a reaction to the movement of the upper body and arms. Concentrate on moving your hips, shoulders, and arms like you normally would (assuming you're doing those things well), and try not to influence your hands at all during the swing. Just let them go where the movement of your...
I took about 20 strokes off my game this summer. Before the beginning of the summer, I had never broken 120, and averaged about 125 (playing only about one round a year with terrible equipment). I decided to try to start learning to play the game well, and the last 3 rounds I've shot have been between 100 and 105 (still never broken 100). But 20 strokes in 2 months isn't so bad, right? -Andrew
It could also be that you're not rotating your hips out of the way on the down swing. When you add to the backswing in order to add juice, you probably turn your hips further away from the target on the backswing. If you don't get rotated back around to where your hips have cleared a space for your arms to swing through, this would force your arms out toward the ball, hitting on the heel or the hosel. Rotating the lower body to clear space in the swing allows you to...
For me, it was the 8th hole of my first round of golf after buying my new driver (Cobra L4V, 9*, f-speed shaft). I put my tee shot on the green on a 270-yard par 4. The ensuing putt (~35') was the first eagle putt I ever shot. Then 3 putts later I made bogey. Some day I'll break 100. -Andrew
I bought a new Cobra L4V driver (f-speed, 9*) a couple weeks ago, and suddenly achieved something like control over my drives, which I've never really had at all, and that meant I was hitting my driver with far greater consistency than my 3 or 5 wood. Trying to go back and practice with my 3 and 5 after upgrading to the 460cc driver was very frustrating because I was having trouble finding the sweet spot or even the face of the club, and was beginning to wonder if those...
I lose track of the ball in flight (or sometimes never see it to begin with) a lot when I play. I'm usually wearing clear glasses, sometimes contact lenses. For everyone who wears sunglasses to play, do you think they make it easier to spot the ball after looking up, keep track of it the whole flight? Anything that would help me do a better job of that would make my golf game a lot less frustrating. -Andrew
On a related note, any tips on how to get the most out of a fitting? Is it bad to get fitted for clubs and then make changes to your swing? If I'm taking lessons to help me find my best swing, do I need to wait until the tweaks to my swing have stabilized before I'll get the most benefit from custom-fitted clubs? Or am I okay as long as my physical dimensions aren't changing? Thanks. -Andrew
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