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It is common. For me, it can cause a lot of shanks and fats. Also the occasional big pull if I turn my swing to the left in order to ge the club to come back to the ball.I don't think I'd intentionally emulate Tiger's squat. Putting it in would build more compensations into your swing, which is not the direction an amateur (particularly high-handicap) should try to go.For me, it seems to have everything to do with how I have my weight distributed between my heels and...
Very true for me. I've changed my swing as a result of several lessons over the last couple months, and my new swing is about 3/4 of my old swing. I haven't gained distance, but I've gained consistency without losing any distance. I think by the time I reach real comfort level to where I'm really getting after the ball with the new swing, I will have gained significant distance by going to a 3/4 swing (or at least what feels to me like a 3/4 swing).-Andrew
Love the video. Thanks for taking the time to post it up.Is James standing on a significant down-slope, or is that a trick of the lense? If he is standing on a down-slope, is there a reason you chose to film the video that way? It makes for some odd-looking angles, particularly having to do with his weight distribution and lean. I think it might be easier for the viewer to understand exactly what's going on if it were more level.-Andrew
The thing that seems to be very different between me and the people I usually get paired with, is the unusual combination of how poorly I play and how strictly I follow the rules and keep honest score. I can't believe how many people I play with where I shoot 100, they shoot worse than me, and yet they give themselves credit for something in the 80's. I think that's why it's so rare to find someone with a decent swing and handicap in the upper 20's: people who write down...
Tell you what: I'll trade golf gripes with you. I'll take your "I'm a +1.8 and can't win handicapped events", and give you my "I'm a 26, and 50% of my shots go nowhere near where I was trying to make them go, and the other 50% aren't all that spectacular either". -Andrew
Not only is it going to be good for your game, but it's going to greatly reduce the chance of hurting yourself on the golf course. More flexibility means less wear and tear on your body from golf, which may not seem important for some, but the higher your swing speed is, the greater the chance of either straining something or developing a repetitive stress injury.-Andrew
Prince William has improved.Is Bristow Manor nice? I live about halfway between Bristow Manor and Prince William, so I may have to check it out.-Andrew
If there was any "stay below the hole" in my approaches, I'd be a WAY lower handicap than 26. I just concentrate on pointing toward the green, choosing the right club, and putting a good swing on the ball. What part of the green the ball hits when I do hit the ball well, is just chance as far as I'm concerned. Once I can hit the ball well nearly every time, my standards will get higher.-Andrew
Prince William. Where do you play?-Andrew
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