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This will be my next putter most likely. When our rep brought the sample to show, that was the one that I picked out as being the best of the bunch. Do you have an exclusive contract with Callaway? What level staff are you with them?
It got up to about 85 here today. If this is Global Warming, then sign me up!
Zen Golf is a great book, so is The 15th Club by Bob Rotella. If you think about your situation on the course, where one bad shot or a bad hole ruins your round. So you hit a bad shot, then what? What does that have to do with your next shot? Can you do anything about the previous bad shot/hole? Think about it this way, the only thing you have absolute control of is your reaction to the shot that you hit, and the shot that you're about to hit. That's it. Wasting...
You could try a synthetic glove like FootJoy WeatherSof. Synthetics tend to last a little longer than leathers due to the material. Leather gloves will always wear faster than others. The advantage of leather however is the soft feel and touch you get from them, versus the relative lack of feel from a synthetic. I use Titleist Players, or Players Tech gloves, and I love the feel they give me.
I think we have the same pair of Callaways. I have a brown pair that are great looking shoes, but like you I've only worn them twice because they're so uncomfortable. If anything I wear them to hit balls in and nothing else.
Can I select multiple choices? I have 4 pairs of Adidas, 2-3 pairs of Nike, a pair of Callaway, and like 8-9 pairs of FootJoy. I have a pretty standard size/shaped foot, so I'm fortunate that I can wear pretty much any brand/style without an issue. So I basically get shoes that I like the look of, rather than trying to get ones that feel good.
You know, I was thinking about this. 99% of golfers natural swing does not produce at straight ball. And yet, so many golfers try to hit the ball straight instead of working with what they've got that day. I've begun to play a bit of a draw, which I find I have more control over.
Usually I play golf. Over the past few winters I've let the "rain" keep me from playing, but this year I plan to actually wear one of my rainsuits and play some golf.
I wouldn't expect anything. I'd go out there and play golf for what it is. A game.
I wore black pants with a red shirt today. While Tiger wears that on Sundays, I didn't know he was the only one allowed to wear it? Either that or I didn't get the memo that you needed a certain handicap in order to wear that color combination.
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